Happy IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music Festival, Sports Together While Watching Music

Happy IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music Festival, Sports Together While Watching Music

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta In an effort to create active lifestyle habits and maintain a low-calorie body, inviting Indonesians to start exercising regularly, low-calorie isotonic drinks. ION Water from PT Amerta Indah Otsuka conducted the event IONATION 2022 – Hybrid Workout & Music Festival at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta on September 10, 2022.

This event was held in a mixed way (offline & online), so in addition to the participants on the spot, there are also participants who participated by zooming and broadcasting live by video on Saturday (10/09) /2020). The festival, which was held for the third time, is the only sports festival in Indonesia that combines sports and music.

Do you want to know what is the joy in this festival? Come, first look at these.

The Biggest Music Festival In Indonesia

IONATION 2022 be a sports concept that not only makes you happy, but also makes you happy because it is accompanied by music from Maliq & D’essentials, Dittopercussion, Diskopantera, DJ Nikki Frazetta, and DJ Wizznu. IONATION 2022 He also introduced three fitness enthusiasts, viz Princess Marino, Jennifer Bachdimsame to you Andrea Dian, which is the brand ambassador of ION Water. Each of these celebrities also helped lead a fitness class with other professional instructors during the series of events.

Because Puspita Winawati, Marketing Director of PT Amerta Indah Otsukaholiday IONATION It is a response to the trends in society regarding healthy lifestyles and the use of low-calorie products that are also increasing.

“Your body is your mind. The body can reflect the lifestyle. Therefore, according to the company’s vision and mission, we want to invite the Indonesian people to take care of their bodies through a low-calorie lifestyle. IONATION 2022“said Wina at a press conference held on the sidelines of the IONATION 2022 program.

If in the past exercise was considered a fun and exciting activity, ION Water through IONATION change this perspective. Obviously, exercise can be more interesting with music that makes you more interested.

“The combination of exercise with live music is unique and no other concept of an exercise festival has been created like this. In addition to good exercise, the concept of IONATION allows us to have fun and happiness, “said Andrea at the press conference IONATION 2022.

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Organized by Melanie Putria, this event was a great success and filled with a variety of useful activities that are sure to be interesting and fun. This festival is also held as a campaign to encourage Indonesian people to continue their daily life by doing things that are healthier.

A list of sports exercises that make you healthy and happy at the same time

This exercise series starts from 07.00 WIB to 19.00 WIB. Each exercise session will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. In addition, these various exercise classes are very friendly for all levels, be it a beginner or an expert in the sport. Therefore, the exercises can be lived with a pleasant feeling. Watch the highlights one by one, come on!

1. Opened with Yoga Class with Penyogastar, Jennifer Bachdim, Deera Dewi and DJ Wizznu

IONATION 2022 It opened with a Yoga session led by Penyogastar, Jennifer Bachdim, Deera Dewi, and music by DJ Wizznu. In this session, there are two types of Yoga that are practiced, that is Penyogastar’s style of yoga whose movements are more energetic and Teacher Deera’s style of Yoga which shows calmness and coolness.

Not to be forgotten, Jennifer Bachdim also participates in leading yoga sessions with enthusiasm. Even though she is 5 months pregnant, this popular sports enthusiast is still working on her flexibility while doing yoga, which is one of her favorite sports.

2. Jealous Body Battle by Celebrity Fitness & Fitness First with Music from DJ Wizznu

The next session was Body Combat, led by coaches Lynda, Gui, Ricky Kapoy, Tiff & Yoga. Martial Arts at this time includes many martial arts such as Karate, Muaythai, Taekwondo, and Jiu Jitsu.

The participants welcomed the event with excitement and followed the various movements as if they did not get tired. Specially, this physical fight is not only accompanied by sweet songs. In fact, ballad songs such as Always by Bon Jovi can also be used as a background sound that accompanies sports moments, making them happy.

3. Pound Master with Rima Melati, Wirtjes Dance, Sary, Dhini and Bang Dittopercussion

We also enjoyed the third session, Pound Master with teachers Rima Melati, Wirtjes Dance, Sary, and Dhini. In this part, participants are invited to do Poundfit which is inspired by drumming. It was even more interesting because during the session the participants were accompanied by a strong rhythm from the performance of Dittopercussion.

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4. LIIT Full of Energy with Salsabila, Andrea Dian, Petite Diva and DJ Nikki

The fun of games that make you happy continues in the next class, which is LIIT with Andrea Dian, Salsabila and Petite Diva. Andrea Dian opened the LIIT meeting with enthusiasm that aroused the interest of the participants who were in the house. The handsome celebrity led the channel 1 LIIT session with courage. On the sidelines of the session, Andrea also gave advice to the participants to keep their stomachs in check during the movement to maintain body balance. Don’t forget to keep meeting the body’s essential water needs during exercise with ION Water.

At the end of the LIIT session, Salsabila explained the benefits of LIIT to shape the body. “Girls want their bodies to look good and this is healthy for pregnant women or those who have given birth. For those who have been injured and want to start over, this is also healthy,” he said.

5. With Diskopantera, TikTok Dance with Riana Ree, Sistya, and Putri Marino Becomes Energetic

It’s late, show IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music Festival by ION Water it’s more fun. This time, the session that took place was Dance TikTok with Putri Marino, Riana Ree and Sistya. It’s even more exciting because this live session is with Diskopantera!

Opening with the song The World Never Ends, Putri and other teachers led the dance session with energy. The participants immediately greeted him with joy. Their interest also increased with other TikTok promotion songs that became the background music.

6. Fun Peak: Zumba with Denada Tambunan, ZES Olivia, ZES Poza, and ZES Zakaria With Dittopercussion

At last it is time for the last session and the end IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music Festival by ION Water. The level of exercise class is further broken through Zumba with Denada who is accompanied by other teachers, namely ZES Olivia, ZES Poza, and ZES Zakaria.

They lead a zumba session with full energy as they accompany the music of Dittopercussion. The audience was no longer excited to follow the movement and music that tore the scene apart.

Interesting interview with Brand Ambassadors

Not only inviting participants to play games, IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music Festival It also features interesting talk shows from Brand Ambassadors ION Water, i.e. Jennifer Bachdim, Putri Marino, and Andrea Dian on the sports series. Interesting discussions about the importance of sports also took place which surely gave new insights to the participants.

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“The body is like a house. Therefore, it must be taken care of, protected, and preserved. That’s why I always make time for sports to be healthy,” said Andrea Dian. Not only that, a healthy body will certainly help in developing immunity to protect the body from infection by viruses, bacteria and viruses.

In this talk show, they also share some useful tips and personal experiences about healthy living and exercise. “I exercise 3-4 times a week. I usually do daily moves like Squad to strengthen my identity,” said Jennifer Bachdim when answering questions from the host.

In addition, BAs also had the opportunity to answer some of the questions asked by the participants. At one point, Andrea Dian offered a solution to be able to exercise even though it is lazy. “I immediately rushed to put on sports clothes. The thing is, if I wear the clothes, I can immediately move my body to move my body,” he answered happily.

Music Performance Hundred Maliq & Requirements

After enjoying the pleasure of sports all day which makes the body fit inside IONATION 2022 Hybrid Workout & Music FestivalThis meeting also encouraged her appearance Manufacturing & Importance. The step-by-step process of this group immediately gained acceptance from participants who participated both online and offline.

Angga and his friends opened their show with the single Terdiam, which got the audience singing along. It is followed by some great songs such as Senja Teduh Pelita, Untitled, to the translation of the song Ku Cinta Kau dan Dia. The musical performance which lasted for about 1 hour managed to close the event well.

A list of tasks IONATION 2022 This event was successfully held with the support of the community. This can be seen from the number of participants, which reached about 3,000 people. Even at the line, this exercise must be divided into two sessions, indoor and outdoor.

With this festival of sports and music, it is hoped that every Indonesian will be more aware and take care of their body and life through regular exercise. Don’t forget to meet your body’s water needs while exercising with ION Water low in calories, so the body stays well. Come and follow the updates on interesting job details IONATION more by following the @ionwaterid Instagram account!