Halsey writes a long touching message to SUGA (BTS) Soompi

Halsey writes a long touching message to SUGA (BTS) Soompi

Halsey sent a message to SUGA.

Recently, the singer appeared at the SUGA concert in Los Angeles to perform alongside her.

She then posed backstage alongside the BTS member before sending him a touching message, writing on Instagram:

“I was invited to the forum with @agustd the other night and we sang ‘Suga’s Interlude’ live for the first time!

I have shared the stage with my boyfriend several times but never alone and never like this. By the time the song was over we could only laugh because we were just like, “Woah, did that really just happen?” after 7 years since we met.

I call Suga “my twin” for many reasons. We have the same smile, we have many interests in common, sometimes we even have the same haircut. But I say that mainly because we seem oddly (and sometimes wordlessly) connected on the same creative wavelength.

Seeing him perform his solo concert was an incredible experience. He’s a real artist, I’ve always known that. But seeing the show’s energy, versatility, creativity and bold darkness blew me away. Moments like this remind me why we are so fortunate to express ourselves in this way.

I am so grateful! Thanks to my twin for welcoming me and thanks to the ARMYs who sang with all their hearts as always and made me feel at home. »

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