GWSN Wins Lawsuit Against Agency to Break Contracts for Negligence – K-GEN

GWSN Wins Lawsuit Against Agency to Break Contracts for Negligence – K-GEN

The GWSNs won a court battle.

Indeed, on January 22nd, it was announced that the judiciary had ruled in favor of GWSN against their agency, The Wave Music, to terminate their exclusive contracts. The verdict will be completed within 14 days if The Wave Music does not appeal the decision.

Launched under Kiwi Media in September 2018, GWSN moved to The Wave Music in July 2020. heard in the last few months.

in October 2022, Employees notably revealed that agency GWSN had closed and they had not been paid for months.

According to court documents, the members were all evicted from their dormitories in February 2022 because the agency stopped paying their rent. As a result, their training room was emptied and all employees left the agency, including the group’s managers. Miya (from Japan) and SoSo (from Taiwan) now even have criminal records because the agency didn’t pay for their visas.

GWSN said: “Since our last album in June 2021 we have been so neglected that we can no longer do business in the entertainment world. The exclusive contract lost its effectiveness due to management errors and unfulfilled payment obligations. »

The court holds that a contract can be terminated when trust between the two parties is broken, particularly when the agency refuses to provide the artist with the payment details. In this case, the agency did not respond to the girls’ requests for more than 30 days after receiving the complaint, so a decision was made in favor of GWSN without a hearing. If the company does not object within 14 days, GWSN members will be released from their contract.

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