Guidelines for Choosing a Face Wash, Pay Attention to the Ingredients!

Guidelines for Choosing a Face Wash, Pay Attention to the Ingredients!

Bela was confused and searching wash your face? Indeed, finding the right skin care is a game. You have to be patient and diligent in doing it, so that you can get the best and highest results.

Well, Popbela wants to give advice wash your face special for you. Wash your face What Popbela will recommend this time contains Amino Acid which does not dry the skin and is definitely soft. Can anyone guess what the product is?

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1. The importance of choosing wash your face harassment

YOU H!  Amino Face Wash, Clean and Soft Car SkinShutterstock/Friends Stock

Wash your face using wash your face is the simplest and most basic step in skin care. Don’t miss this step for maximum results, Bela.

Therefore, it is very important to choose wash your face right before proceeding skin care level front. Take care of the content inside wash your face Hey, don’t let the results of washing your face make your face dry and feel ‘red’.

Because according to the dermatologist, Dr. Listya Paramita, SpKK’s face soap that makes dry skin prone to damage skin barrier we protect”Deep cleaning the need to take care of the products used, instead of being clean, the skin can have a negative effect and make the skin feel uncomfortable because of the ingredients in the product. The choice of face wash is important. Use a face wash that doesn’t dry out the skin or have the potential to damage the skin’s barrier.”

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2. Amino Acid Content: How Important Is It?

YOU H!  Amino Face Wash, Clean and Soft Car SkinShutterstock/Friends Stock

Ideally, your facial soap contains ingredients that help soften and moisturize your face. Dr. Mitra, SpKK continues, face wash products enriched with gentle ingredients are the right choice.

“For example, amino acid and hyaluronic acid. Amino Acid and Hyaluronic Acid can keep the skin moist, maintain the best condition of the skin, and thus prevent damage. skin barrier,he said.

Now the question is, what is special about this Amino Acid or Amino Acid? Amino Acid is a part of Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) where this NMF has a role in moisturizing the skin.

Not only can it clean and remove dirt on the face, Amino Acid can also work well, moisturize, and make the skin of the face. After washing your face, you don’t have to worry about dry skin and even redness!

3. Content in KA Hy! Amino Face Wash

YOU H!  Amino Face Wash, Clean and Soft Car Skin(Doc. YOU Beauty)

After reading the information in the previous issue, Bela had to quickly search for the product wash your face Which contains amino acids? Don’t worry, Popbela will give you product recommendations right away.

Bela can really try the new product from KA Beauty, YOU Hy! Amino Face Wash. You! Amino, presented by YOU Beauty, is a product wash your face which has 4 variants.

The four variants have a unique high content, which is Amino Acid. “Hy” itself is a symbol of the presence of hyaluronic acid and hydrating, while “Amino” comes from amino acids.

The ingredients in these two ingredients not only take care of removing dirt from the skin. The ingredients in 5D Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acid help to hydrate the skin to different layers. Therefore, the final result that will be felt is soft skin and nourishing food.

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This product is also 100% guaranteed. there is no harmhospital confirmed. ruthlessness, water same to you oil level. From KA Hy! Amino Face Wash, Deep Cleaning, Compassionate Care!

4. YOU H! Amino Facial Wash laris bought

YOU H!  Amino Face Wash, Clean and Soft Car Skin(Doc. YOU Beauty)

The ingredients are complete and definitely nourish this facial skin, this is definitely what is needed by the market. Especially when compared to other similar products, the price of Hy! Amino is more pocket friendly. Confirm, product wash your face The same is sold at a high price of about Rp. 200,000, while Hy! Amino is sold at a low price, which is only IDR 38,000.

He revealed that, since its release on April 6, this product has sold more than 30,000 pcs online and offline. online and not offline. It is worth it, because this product is not only known as a gentle skin treatment, wash your face This also applies to Bela who has acne-prone skin problems.

Are you sure Bela wants to lose this product? (WEB)

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