Groups Complete Collaboration Battle, Show Announces Final Winners Kpop News

Groups Complete Collaboration Battle, Show Announces Final Winners Kpop News

The sixth episode of “Peak Time” has now aired, which focused on the remaining struggle of the groups working together as well as their eventual winners.

Read to catch up on episode 6 of the program!

“Peak Time” Episode 6: Battle of Collaboration ends, final winners announced

In “Peak Time”, the sixth episode continued the intense rivalry between the alliances.

The sixth episode started in the previous battle where different units consisting of rapping, dancing and singing clashed. In the previous fourth episode, the 16 teams formed an alliance, each consisting of 4 teams.

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Episode 5 stated that two percent of all votes will go to the winning alliance. MC Lee Seung Gi also explained that an MVP for each category (voice, rap, dance) will be selected by a special panel of 25 judges.

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These judges are separate from the show’s list of star judges. In addition, each MVP team (group) is allocated five percent of all votes.

The composition of the judges

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Check out the alliances below:

Alliance ‘A’

  • Team 2:00 (NTX)
  • Team 5:00 (ATBO)
  • Team 9:00 (Blitzer)
  • Team 18:00 (UT)

Alliance ‘B’

  • Teams 8:00 (DKB)
  • Team 20:00 (ASSEMBLE)
  • Team 21:00 (24K)
  • Team 23:00 (DGNA)

Alliance ‘C’

  • Teams 11:00 (FAN)
  • Team 13:00 (BAE173)
  • Team 15:00 (BLK)
  • Team 24:00 (soloists)

Alliance ‘D’

  • Team 1:00 (DIGNITION)
  • Crew 4:00 (BXB)
  • Team 7:00 (MASC)
  • Crew 14:00 (GHOST9)

The first set of performances was shown in Episode 5, which consisted of the Alliances rap unit. As a sequel, the “C” Alliance vocal unit has entered its first phase. Finally, rap unit “B” has achieved victory and successfully accumulated 790 points.

rap category

1. Rap ​​unit “B” – 790 points

2. Rap ​​unit “C” – 761 points

3. Rap ​​unit “A” – 713 points

4. Rap ​​unit “D” – 691 points

These performances were then followed by the remaining performances of the song and dance units.

Watch her steps here:

Concours singing

Vocal Unit ‘A’ – “Time Of Our Life” by DAY6


Vocal Unit “B” – “Behind You” by Park Jin Young


“D” Vocal Unit – “My Sea” by IU


After the singing match, the judges then tallied each team’s total score. In the end, it was revealed that the “D” vocal unit had won, earning a total of 767 points.

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1. Language unit “D” – 767 points

2. Voice Unit “C” – 719 points

3. Vocal unit “B” – 709 points

4. Language unit “A” – 692 points

The program then moved to the Dance Battle, where the teams performed popular dance-based tunes.

Watch their energetic performances here:

dance competition

Dance Unit ‘B’ – ‘Bang!’ by AJR


‘A’ Dance Unit – ‘Gimme Gimme’ by Johny Stimson


‘C’ Dance Unit – ‘Bad’ by Christopher


‘D’ Dance Unit – ‘Power’ by Little Mix


With all the performances in hand, the jury declared the winner for the dance units. Dance unit “C” won their triumph, collecting 789 points.

1. Dance unit “C” – 789 points

2. Dance unit “B” – 780 points

3. Dance unit “D” – 779 points

4. Dance unit “A” – 773 points

As of March 4, 5:00 p.m. KST, the current status is as follows:

1. “Team 11:00” – (Previously)

2. “Team 23:00” – (DGNA)

3. “Team 7:00” – (MASC)

4. “Team 20:00” – (MOUNT)

5. “Team 24:00” – (You played solo)

6. “Team 1:00” – (BAE173)

7. “Team 8:00” – (DKB)

8. “Team 2:00” – (NTX)

9. “Team 2:00” – (GHOST9)

10. “Crew 18:00” – (UT)

11. “Team 21:00” – (24K)

12. “Team 15:00” – (BLK)

13. “Team 1:00” – (WOOD)

14. “Equipe 5:00” – (ATBO)

15. “Team 4:00” – (BXB)

16. “Team 9:00” – (SPEED CAMERA)

Which team do you support? Let us know in the comments below!

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