Great service in any of your achievements, it’s time to make mom happy with a precious gift

Great service in any of your achievements, it’s time to make mom happy with a precious gift, Jakarta The success of any child cannot be separated from the mother’s work. Her prayers and support were so great that they helped in her son’s success. So, don’t forget to please your mother.

If you haven’t had time to do this before, now is the best time to make your mother happy. Give a special gift that will show your love for him. Some of the gifts below may represent her.

Gift Your Mother with Diamond Jewelry

Make your mother happy now by gifting her a special diamond jewelry, like diamond earrings for example. To express your love for him, # define him as Franknco. In fact, you can dig for inspiration by looking video war First #NyatakandenganFranknco.

Video war It tells different stories of festivals in life for every hope, personal, and precious moment. Through this campaign, #Franknco invites people to express their feelings from the heart, celebrating every moment, hope, and precious people in your life, like your beloved mother.

There are a total of six life journey stories from individuals that you can capture in a 60 second video. The six people have different life times and stages of life. What is certain is that each story is interesting to watch and certainly very interesting, including the story of how a boy shows his love to his mother, by giving a pearl as a gift. Peony pendant from Frank & co.

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Other articles that can be collected video war like when a man proposes to his lover with a Frank Fire engagement ring from Frank & co., the story of the man he chooses. reward yourself Men’s jewelry collection rings from Frank & co. for their achievements, here is the story of an old couple who showed their love for each other with a special gift in the form of a Blue Sapphire diamond ring from Frank & co.

Not to be outdone, watch more videos on YouTube Frank & co. As more information, video war This is part of a series of #DeclareWithFranknco campaigns after the inauguration web series titled “Asmara, Hope, Rindu” launched in 2021.

As for the Peony Pendant and other jewelry collections, including Frank & co. show a video war These products, such as Frank Fire products, Love Lock pendants, Precious Stones-Blue Sapphire earrings, and Men’s Jewelry can be found by visiting Frank stores & affiliates directly. scattered throughout Indonesia.

Besides, let’s stop renew with an exclusive collection of diamond jewelry from Frank & co. don’t forget them follow Instagram account @franknco_id and visit Frank & co’s website.

Take him on a trip together to the place he wants

In addition, give an important gift such as diamond jewelry, make the mother happy by traveling together to her favorite place. For example, the mother often wants to visit a relative who lives outside the city or on the island.

Make her wish come true by buying a ticket to travel with the best class, so that mom can enjoy the trip. Don’t forget to make a reservation at a hotel or guesthouse, because mom usually doesn’t feel good when she stays at a family house, because she worries about being uncomfortable.

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Buying Home Goods for Moms That Can Make Her Fun Lesser

Even though she is not young, mother’s enthusiasm never fades at all. He is still full of enthusiasm for his activities at home every day. From cooking, washing, to cleaning the house, he always seems to never stop.

In order for mothers not to get tired of their busy lives at home, they should buy household appliances that can make their work easier. For example, the automatic floor cleaner that is currently a trend, so that mothers do not get tired of cleaning the house every day. Also, she will consider this gift very important, because it can make her work as a housewife easier.

If you can make these things happen, the mother will surely be happy and proud to have a child like you. After all, such a moment does not necessarily come twice. So, while there is a chance, do not hesitate to do it to see your beloved mother happy.