Government employee fined for trying to resell Jungkook’s hat

Government employee fined for trying to resell Jungkook’s hat

In October 2022, a netizen, later revealed to be a former State Department employee (MOFA), put up for sale a hat that would be that of Jungkook from BTS.

He claimed he found the hat and now owns it as the original owner, Jungkook, didn’t call and returned to look for it in over six months.

Jungkook hat Kango

The clerk wanted to sell the hat for 10 million won because he believed the item “will be worth a lot more in the future, a lot more than it is today.”

After receiving much criticism, he withdrew his complaint and showed up at the police station with his hat on.

A State Department official sells Jungkook's hat for €7,200

On February 7, it was announced that the prosecutor’s office summarily charged against a former State Department official for trying to sell Jungkook’s lost hat online and demanding a penalty for misappropriating the lost item.

Government employee fined for trying to sell Jungkook's hat

Now, on May 3, it was reported that the clerk was fined KRW 1 million by the Seoul Central District Procuratorate earlier in the day for trying to retrieve the BTS singer’s lost hat for sale online.

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The Seoul Central District Procuratorate also intended to return the hat to Jungkook, although the procuratorate, the idol, and its record label have yet to provide further updates.

Additionally, neither the label nor the idol have made any public statements about the incident.

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