GOT7’s BamBam’s thoughtful and expensive gift to Transit Love 2 star Sung Hae Eun is making fans green

GOT7’s BamBam’s thoughtful and expensive gift to Transit Love 2 star Sung Hae Eun is making fans green

GOT7it is bam bam recently announced that he would have his own variety show on YouTube, bam house! In each episode, BamBam and a special guest will talk about different things in his house.

BamBam by GOT7 | @bambam1a/Instagram

The guest of the first and second episodes is someone BamBam knows from when he was the host of the dating series. transit love 2. Along with a host of other hosts, BamBam commented on the show’s stars as they navigated their relationships and decided if they wanted new ones.

Transit Love 2 Flyer.

your guest, sang hae eunIt was one of the most popular shows on the series, as evidenced by BamBam’s enthusiastic response upon arrival! Adorable, Hae Eun looks just as excited to see BamBam and comments on how cool he looks in person!

After overcoming his initial shyness, BamBam shows Hae Eun the award for which he was received transit love 2which led her to praise him and call him “the essence” of the show.

The two continue to flatter each other throughout the episode, with BamBam even saying that he thinks Hae Eun is just as pretty as her latest trend, Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation!

Towards the end of this first episode, BamBam says he gave her a gift with his own money. The gift, a Air sleeve by DysonIt’s an expensive hair dryer that can replace a curling iron or straightener and it costs around $600!

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Airwrap is so much fun 🥹💖 #dysonairwrap #hairtutorial #hairhacks #hairtips

♬ aime nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

The giveaway alone would be impressive, but the reason behind the giveaway has fans swooning!

durant transit love 2 and after the show ends,Hae Eun was often burned by her curling irons and ended up covered in bandages.

| 1 day 7 – 117/youtube

| 1 day 7 – 117/youtube

BamBam says he got this gift so she wouldn’t get hurt again!

Fans are very impressed with BamBam and his gift!

You can watch the full episode below!