GOT7’s BamBam recognizes dating rumors that led him to quit his job

GOT7’s BamBam recognizes dating rumors that led him to quit his job

fans of GOT7It is bam bam appreciate many things about the idol. From his hilarious sense of humor…

…on his many musical talents…


… and her beauty, BamBam is the ideal person to be a fan!

BamBam from GOT7

BamBam is also known for his unfiltered honesty, which he showed in a recent interview when asked about a crisis he was going through.

BamBam was featured in the March issue of Cosmopolitan Korea. The idol impressed many with her many different looks, including a skirt.

| Cosmopolitan Korea

During the interview with the magazine, BamBam got serious when asked about his biggest crisis in Korea and his biggest happiness. BamBam explains that the moment of crisis happened more than five years ago.

At some point there was indeed a moment of crisis. (laughs) That was over five years ago, but… I was kind of caught up in a dating scandal. It was unfounded, but I was only three years away from my debut. I had such a setback that I even briefly considered retiring.

| Cosmopolitan Korea

According to BamBam, the rumor caught him and the company off guard and he cried on the set of the photoshoot he was attending.

When the articles began to circulate, my agency and I were completely surprised. It was so unfair that I even started crying in the middle of my photo shoot. I still remember the perfectly clear day. I was on set for a NYLON pictorial. That’s when I started investing properly in my savings account.

| @coconutverbena/Twitter, Cosmopolitan Korea

BamBam then says he learned that dating rumors can be extremely tough on idols, and it made him realize he might have to do it.really quit this job.

I thought, “This time I don’t have to retire because the rumors aren’t true…but one day when I meet someone, I might really have to quit this job.” (laughs)

| @coconutverbena/Twitter, Cosmopolitan Korea

However, the idol has such a positive attitude that her greatest happiness always comes from her job.

My greatest happiness comes from recently, when I started receiving more love and attention from the Korean public.

Luckily BamBam hasn’t left the industry and hopefully when he finds that special someone he can keep doing what he loves!

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