GOT7 BamBam Names THIS 4th Gen Idol As His Ideal Type – KpopNews

GOT7 BamBam Names THIS 4th Gen Idol As His Ideal Type – KpopNews

GOT7 BamBam dubbed this fourth generation K-pop idol their ideal new man, surprising viewers.

Can you guess who the idol is?

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aespa Karina was chosen by GOT7 BamBam as her ideal new type

The idol chosen by BamBam is none other than Aespa Karina!


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On February 24th, GOT7 BamBam released the sixth episode of “Bam House” with guest and YouTube personality Poongja.

The two were shown relaxed and engaged in conversations over drinks, food and more. During their interaction, BamBam mentioned that he’s been a fan of Taeyeon since 2010.

BamBam proves he belongs

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However, he also mentioned that he’s been a fan of two idols lately, to whom he revealed the names of Aespa Winter and NewJeans Haerin. As a fan of her music, BamBam expressed her wonder at her wonderful music.

BamBam then had a brilliant idea and suggested Poongja play Ideal Type World Cup. After a series of exchanges, Poongja asked BamBam if he would choose Winter or Karina, which BamBam struggled with due to his heartbreak.

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BamBam finally chose Karina and surprised Poongja. Asked about his choice, BamBam explained that he made his choice because he represents a fan’s point of view. Poongja then introduced him to a selection including Karina and Taeyeon.

Much to Poongja’s shock, BamBam still chose Karin over Taeyeon, his ultimate bias! Hearing this made Poongja laugh and commented on BamBam’s unpredictability.

GOT7 bamboo

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BamBam’s funny reactions also caught the attention of fans. Fans were also surprised by her choices and poked fun at her randomness.

Others shared their preferences given Karina’s stunning looks and talent. Some fans pointed out BamBam’s hilarious assurances that he only plays the game “as a fan.”

See their reactions below:

“The way he dropped his liking for Karina. EVEN BRO.”

“Whatever type or ideal fan, the fact that they chose Karina means that, just like me, they have absolute taste. Hello!”

“It took a while not informing them about your next step to the next level.”

“I mean I would choose Karina too. Ah, her beauty!

“Same brother. My ultimate preference for all GG is Nayeon, but I will always choose Karina.”

“Let’s face it, everyone gets flogged for her.”

“He literally said ‘as a fan’ 10 times.”

“It tastes good, but we all knew that.”

Watch their interaction here!


GOT7 BamBam introduces first guest Sung Hae Eun on “Bam House”.

Also, in 2023, BamBam launched his YouTube show “Bam House”. On January 13th, BamBam will welcome various guests to his home where they will discuss specific topics.

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In the show’s trailer, BamBam introduces himself and the interior of the house. He also mentioned his fondness for beer and invited a master brewer to help him brew it.

As the first guest, BamBam invited actress Sung Hae Eun, who appeared in TVING’s “Exchange Season 2” (Transit Love 2).

Do you also like Aespa Karina like BamBam? Tell us in the comments below!

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