Give Back The Trophy: Netizens Take Out Woo Jin-yong, Winner of Netflix’s Physical:100

Give Back The Trophy: Netizens Take Out Woo Jin-yong, Winner of Netflix’s Physical:100

Former national snowboarder and CrossFit athlete Woo Jin-yong caused quite a stir by winning the Physical: 100 Game Show. Netflix.

Netizens lamented the fact that it was him “literally invisible” with minimal screen time and that he deserved more appreciation as a winner.

On Tuesday, Jung Hae-min responded to allegations that the finale between the two contestants was rigged by production staff.

In an interview with South Korean media, professional cyclist Hae-min claimed that the finals had to be interrupted twice – once when Jin-yong claimed a technical issue with his equipment and a second time when the production team claimed the audio recording was unusable.

Although Hae-min agreed to a rematch after the second stoppage, he claimed to have felt “the pressure” to do so and lose because his powers were depleted, although he appeared to be in the lead going into the restart.

Although Hae-min urged fans not to send hate to Jin-yong, some took to Jin-yong’s Instagram to seek revenge.

“Put down the false honor and return the trophy and the honor to the real winner”, reads a comment on a recent Instagram post by Jin-yong with his Physical: 100 teammates.

Another comment said: “If the article [interview de Hae-min] is fair i don’t think i can use instagram because i will be embarrassed… no shame on you. Please explain yourself. »

“So Hae-min was the real winner. You should have played it fair.” posted an Instagram user. “No wonder the victory celebration looked really disappointing. You don’t deserve the win. »

However, not everyone blamed Jin-yong for the outcome. “It’s a shame for Woo Jin-yong who finished first after playing fair and reaching the final. If the audio is wrong, the production team should be held responsible.” wrote a fan. “It is not a mistake that he did what they ordered.”

Jin-yong has yet to comment on Hae-min’s claims, while Hae-min himself has never publicly posted about Physical: 100 on social media.

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There were many negative comments about the team members.

The internet’s fury extended beyond the finalists themselves and spread to contestant Ma Sun-ho, who posted a YouTube video featuring Jin-yong last month.

He has since made the video private after receiving backlash, explaining his reasoning in a follow-up video and on Instagram.

Woo Jinyong Netflix Physical 100

“I made a video with Woo Jin-yong a while ago and I know that there are people who are not in a good mood after watching it because of the problems with the current winner of Physical: 100,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Since there was a lot of negative comments about the cast that encouraged the finalists, I felt it was fair to keep the video private until there was official comment from the players and production team. he wrote.

During the finals, Sun-ho and other Top 20 members were in another room watching on screens as the five finalists competed against each other.

Woo Jinyong Physical 100 netflix

Sun-ho clarified that as viewers they are not “being able to know what kind of conversations were going on in the arena” between Jin-yong, Hae-min and the production team, although he recalls that filming was long on hold.

Nonetheless, he added: “Knowing that Jung Hae-min had the advantage before the game was stopped, all team members were surprised by the turnaround.” resulting in Jin-yong’s victory.

He also claimed to have received offensive comments towards cast members and even their families in his YouTube videos.

He added that he had to make a statement because: “If I don’t do something like this, I can’t protect my family. »

“And I feel sorry for the other candidates who, like me, have suffered because a lot of damage seems to have been done. »