Giselle and Somi from Aespa talk about their “ideal types” Kpop News

Giselle and Somi from Aespa talk about their “ideal types” Kpop News

One of K-pop’s favorite friendships is between a spaIt is giselle and soloist Finns.

Giselle de aespa (left) and Somi (right).

Because of their similar personalities, fans enjoyed all of their interactions, including their friendship quotes, which went viral, and the many funny yet sweet moments between them.

Fans were thrilled to see Somi in the latest GiGi log, where the two spent time together at the gym before heading over to Somi’s house.

As well as making drinks together, the couple sat down to answer questions fans have had for a while, including their ideal types.

When the question was asked, Giselle quipped, “You want that, don’t you?”

Somi asks Giselle if she finds it difficult to talk about her ideal type and Giselle says they haven’t asked aespa about it yet.

Giselle goes on to say that she has a “Obsession with taking care of friends‘ and needs someone to take care of and respect.

Somi says her own ideal type is an actor seol kyung-gusomeone you consider your uncle.

Career idol Somi then explains to Giselle that instead of saying the traits she likes, she should think of someone in particular so she doesn’t get questioned by the questioners!

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They both seem to feel”someone coolwould match your ideal types!

You can watch the full vlog below.