Girl groups NMIXX and IVE get into embarrassing controversies over gig invites

Girl groups NMIXX and IVE get into embarrassing controversies over gig invites

Controversy surrounding NMIXX and IVE performance at college events

The NMIXX group became embroiled in unnecessary controversy. You have been invited to perform at an orientation event at the Seoul National University College of Engineering. Although they were only paid for their performance, there has been much debate on the subject. It’s only been three months since member Jinni left the group and they’re trying to stabilize. The noise around the group cannot be interpreted as a “positive signal”.

Recently, the 36th Student Council of Seoul National University College of Engineering named “Dream” spoke on the “NMIXX performance controversy. Previously, NMIXX performed on stage at an orientation event for prospective freshmen. It was subsequently claimed that overspending had been made during the NMIXX invitation process.

On this subject, the student council said: “That is not true. We have confirmed through an accounting audit that there was no deficit. They also added “The budget used to invite NMIXX came entirely from administrative support funds. This budget was made available exclusively for celebrity appearances to ensure the successful restart of the face-to-face event, which has not taken place for four years.

It is unfair that the arrows of criticism are aimed at NMIXX. In fact, NMIXX received a fixed performance fee and entered the stage accordingly. However, it is uncomfortable that the NMIXX name has become the focus of the issue. Contrary to NMIXX’s intentions, they created “negative problems” both inside and outside the band.

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Last December, member Jinni left the team for unknown reasons. It was an incident that happened during the process of gaining popularity and recognition. Ironically, news of his departure garnered more attention than the band’s musical prowess. Members and fans started the new year with a trembling heart. The recent “performer invitation controversy” has added to disappointment over JYP’s next-gen girl group plans.

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There is another group of girls who have been the subject of controversy during the college festival invitation process. Such was the controversy surrounding Kyungpook National University’s IVE invitation last October. Specifically, it was about a dispute between the organizers of the festival and the agency responsible for the invitation.

Demarsen’s agency, which was responsible for the invitation, signed a contract with Kyungpook National University for IVE’s performances. However, IVE agency Starship Entertainment informed them that they declined the invitation due to visa issues with IVE members. The Demarsen agency subsequently acknowledged its mishandling of the situation and apologized.

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When the controversy started, IVE was criticized. The IVE had become the center of the dispute between the agency and the organizers of the festival. If the facts were not clear, IVE could have come under criticism.

Embarrassing controversy erupts over inviting groups of girls to college festivals. Both incidents were not the fault of the guest girl groups. Because they are famous, they become a problem and are criticized. The sound doesn’t leave scars, but it does leave a strange uncomfortable feeling.

Source: Daum