Gilles Beyer, accused of rape by skater Sarah Abitbol, ​​has died aged 66

Gilles Beyer, accused of rape by skater Sarah Abitbol, ​​has died aged 66

Former figure skating coach Gilles Beyer, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault by several women including his former student Sarah Abitbol, ​​has died at the age of 66, his lawyer told us on Saturday.

Former skater and coach Gilles Beyer died Thursday at the age of 66. Accused of rape by Sarah Abitbol, ​​he had been charged with “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment”. He was finally placed under judicial oversight in January 2021.

Gilles Beyer, who was “very ill” according to his lawyer, champion Thibault de Montbrial, was at the center of a major sexual violence scandal in figure skating.

In early 2020, former skater Sarah Abitbol accused him of repeated rape and sexual assault in the book Un si long silence, committed between the ages of 15 and 17 in the early 1990s, but he had not filed a complaint. given the prescription of the facts.

Completion of the judicial investigation

In a statement sent to AFP, Gilles Beyer had admitted “intimate relationships” and “inappropriate” with Sarah Abitbol and offered her an “apology”. Following those revelations, he was charged by an investigating judge in January 2021 with sexual assault by an authority figure and sexual harassment by an authority figure and placed under judicial oversight on more recent alleged facts.

“I’m in shock,” Sarah Abitbol responded to the Obs. “He’s leaving before he’s convicted, I would have wished that there was a process.” His death actually led to the cessation of the judicial investigation “due to the lapse of public charges,” explained Gilles Beyer’s lawyer. “It’s crazy, this death comes just a week before my show where I speak about this trauma, the liberation of my speech, my rebirth and my return to the ice… God so decreed,” added Abitbol.

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In the closed world of figure skating, Sarah Abitbol’s book had sparked a flurry of revelations. Other skaters had made allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or extortion against other coaches or ex-skate coaches. The more than twenty-year-old President of the French Ice Sports Federation (FFSG), Didier Gailhaguet, had to resign in early February 2020 after a long showdown.

An official investigation then revealed a suspicion of 21 FFSG trainers.