Gift idea: 5 reasons to think of a globe

Gift idea: 5 reasons to think of a globe

A quintessential 1980s object, the globe never left the decoration shops, and with good reason! Here are 5 reasons to gift this item to a loved one.

What is a globe?

A terrestrial globe is a luminous or non-luminous decorative object representing a sphere on which planet Earth is depicted. It can be made in different colors, brown for a retro effect, pop for a modern look, realistic for a classic style. It represents an original gift idea for both adults and children. You can find a wide range of globes online or in physical stores.

Why offer a terrestrial globe?

Reason number 1: because it’s pretty!

The first reason is very simple, it is a very pretty object. It is decorative, placed on a corner of the table like on a shelf. With a beautiful cartography, it brings an original touch to a library as in a child’s room.

Reason number 2: Because it appeals to all ages!

Who doesn’t love globes? This object holds a certain magic. If people had one when they were young, they feel a certain nostalgia when they see one again. And if it’s a first, they’re fascinated by its colors and what it represents: just the earth!

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Reason number 3: because it is an educational gift

A terrestrial globe is an opportunity to learn or relearn the countries, continents, reliefs and cities of the entire world.

Reason number 4: because it makes you want to travel

With all these drawn countries spinning around an axis, it’s a dream! It makes you want to spin your sphere and point it at the land of your future destination with your eyes closed. It is true that it is the real symbol of the explorers. Advice for travel enthusiasts ready to embark on an adventure!

Reason number 5: Because it can also be an original lamp

A globe can be equipped with a lightbulb. It then diffuses in space a light of the dominant color used for its oceans. When they are blue, the light becomes bluish!

Which globe should you choose?

A terrestrial globe is selected based on several criteria. The first is height and weight. If you plan to put it on a shelf, it’s best to measure the available space. The sphere can occupy a certain volume. The second criterion is aesthetics. You have to choose it according to your taste and the atmosphere of your interior. If it is a gift, choose it based on the person’s age as well.

Where can you exhibit a terrestrial globe?

A globe can be used as a lamp or as a simple decorative object. If it’s a lamp, you need access to its switch. If you want to rotate it around its axis, leave enough space around it. A terrestrial globe is an original gift, useful and beautiful at the same time!

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