(G)I-DLE Soyeon plagiarism controversy resurfaces as posts mentioning the issue are deleted on forums

(G)I-DLE Soyeon plagiarism controversy resurfaces as posts mentioning the issue are deleted on forums

(G)I-DLE military Seems to be struggling again with Korean netizens over the plagiarism issue that severely damaged her reputation as a songwriter in February 2022. She has produced a song entitled “SUN”. CMB survival show mon adowhich had some similarities with by ATEEZ The 2019 hit “WAVE.” Although Soyeon and CUBE Entertainment apologized for the issue, it resurfaced almost a year later.

(G) Soyeon d’I-DLE in My Teenage Girl | GB

When ATEEZ fans pointed out the similarities between “WAVE” and “SUN,” the group’s agency said, k q entertainment, released a statement explaining that although the original producer Aryan-Aryan was properly credited, neither Soyeon nor MBC had previously asked permission to test the song. CUBE Entertainment and Soyeon then addressed the situation in their statements. While CUBE clarified that the two agencies are trying to resolve the issue, Soyeon said, “Heartfelt [apologizes] to the original composers, artists and fans for the confusion caused.”

After that, the controversy died down until June, when a Twitter user discovered that “SUN” was credited and copyrighted on Soyeon’s website. Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). She was credited not only as a producer but also as a backup singer, meaning she had full ownership of the song and could technically earn royalties from its use. Netizens criticized the (G)I-DLE member for trying to monetize a plagiarized song by registering the copyright in this way.

Screenshot translated by Koreaboo | @atzyh_hwasu about KOMCA

As a result of these two controversies, the topic has been widely reported and discussed both in the news and online forums. But on January 6, many netizens noticed that all posts on Korean Internet forums discussing the Soeyon controversy were deleted in real time. In most cases, posts were removed due to copyright or defamation issues.

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A netizen compiled screenshots of various posts that were deleted from online communities and posted on a blog forum, leading to more people talking about the issue. Many of the post’s commenters predicted that the build post would also go away in a few hours, and it did.

This post titled “‘Genius Idol’ Jeon Soyeon, ATEEZ song plagiarism confirmed…, Registered Composers List” has been deleted | institute

A poster received an email alleging defamation/copyright infringement/etc. in the message, so will be reported/reported | institute

The post titled “Jeon Soyeon deletes his plagiarism posts” was also deleted | institute

Compilation article titled “Jeon Soyeon Deletes All His Plagiarism Posts” which was later deleted | institute

An indication that the version was not released | institute

Many netizens felt that an attempt by Soyeon’s agency to bury the incident would not only be ineffective, but could further damage her reputation.

| institute

  • “After the apology, was it ok to register the copyright and delete the articles entirely…? If it had all ended with a public acknowledgment the situation would have been different, but the case is not over yet.”
  • “That’s another matter”.
  • “Why do you keep putting it out… but doing nothing would have been more helpful?” The more they try to cover and put out the spreading flames, the bigger the fire gets.
  • “In that case, do they control the internet communities? It’s crazy.
  • “He’s very boring.”
  • “Wow.”

Although accusations of plagiarism are fairly common in K-Pop, they can sometimes be very damaging, as seen in the case of Yoo Hee Yeol, whose reputation as a musical genius evaporated overnight. While it’s unclear who is behind the job cuts, the question remains whether this incident will end this situation or make it a bigger problem.