Get to know Boyzilian, the Brazilian Wax Method for Men

Get to know Boyzilian, the Brazilian Wax Method for Men

Brazilian wax or methods of hair removal in the entire female genital area are popular and used. However, do you know boyzilian?

Boyzilian is a Brazilian waxing procedure that can be done by men. According to Byrdie, boyzilian is basically the same as a Brazilian wax. This method perfectly cleans the hair in the genital area.

Here is the boyzilian explanation.

Boyzilian use

Wax or waxing is generally done for beautification or emotional gratification.

An expert from J Sisters from Brazil, Lulu, said that men do a boyzillion of them for health.

“Men think of doing this service mainly for hygiene reasons. Because it feels very clean,” said Lulu.

In the meantime, a professional facialist and owner of Face Day Spa, Enrico Ramirez, explained that the reason why men do boyzilian is because they want to gain confidence, especially to have sexual desire. that they will have.

“(Men) also make boys for beauty. Men today want to be strong.”

Some of the benefits that can be obtained from boyzilian include smoothing the skin, clarifying the adjacent parts, making it easier to clean and repair the skin, and cooling the sensitive areas in the summer.

How to make Boyzilian

Generally, if you want to do a Boyzilian, you are not allowed to shave the entire waxing area. Because, the hair that is too short will be difficult for the wax to reach the roots.

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“If it’s too short, waxing can’t pull the hair out from the root,” says Lulu.

“This can cause irritation. (Therefore) the hair must be the right length to be cut,” he said.

In addition, Lulu also said that there is a need for men to make sure that there is no oil, grease, or cream from the waxing area. This is because the lotion and others will interfere with the effectiveness of the medicine.

“Before waxing, try removing lotion or whatever. If the client doesn’t have time to do it, we can help remove lotion, cream, and dirt using our products,” said Lulu.

Another solution, according to Ramirez, can be done by taking a bath and making sure the body is clean.

“Make sure you shower and clean up,” Ramirez said.

However, it should be noted, people who use Retin-A or Accutane are not recommended to do Boyzilian. This is because they tend to have softer skin than others.

If you are on this medication or have any extra sensitivity and want to use this method, please consult a professional first for proper advice.

Boyzilian After Care

All the experts stated that the side effects of boyzilian are minimal. However, they still recommend caution after doing boyzilian.

According to Ramirez, the best treatment after taking this method is to limit activity. Those who do Boyzilian are not advised to exercise or do other strenuous activities.

“I always recommend not exercising or any other strenuous activity to keep the skin dry and cool for the first 24 hours. After that, you can go back to normal,” he said. Ramirez.

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Meanwhile, according to Lulu, it’s best to use A&D lotion around the waxed area. The cream will help you to protect your skin from dryness.

“In the first 24 hours after waxing, apply an antibiotic to clean the skin and avoid infection because the pores are open so bacteria can easily enter,” Ramirez said. according to Lulu.


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