Gare du Nord: daily uncertainty

Gare du Nord: daily uncertainty

While the insecurity surrounding the Gare du Nord has been in the spotlight since Wednesday’s attack, CNEWS spent several hours there to take stock of the situation.

Despite the significant use of law enforcement, the Gare du Nord in Paris is seen as a place of insecurity by many people forced to visit. Between drug use and violence, CNEWS spent several hours there to report on the situation.

“I’ve already been robbed I’m afraid,” one user told our microphone. “It’s very dangerous,” says another. “There’s a bit of everything. They come to beg, you have to watch your wallet, there is a lot of theft. They’re very aggressive.”

There is a lot of traffic on the station forecourt. “Crack everywhere, assaults every five minutes, people are crazy,” said a worker at the station. “I already took a “hunted” (a kick, editor’s note) when leaving the toilet, for no reason”.

Gare du Nord is the first European train station. 700,000 travelers pass through it every day.

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