Gard: Firefighters threatened and insulted when they intervened

Gard: Firefighters threatened and insulted when they intervened

During an operation in Vigan (Gard) this Sunday, January 22nd, three firefighters were threatened with death and insulted. You have filed a complaint.

An operation that went wrong. While helping a resident of Vigan on Sunday evening January 22, three firefighters from Gard got into trouble with the victim’s family.

A few minutes after he took charge of the man, several family members attacked the firefighters, using insults and even death threats for unknown reasons.

According to the SDIS 30 (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service), the people concerned even tried to flee in their vehicle, as the firefighters said on their Facebook page.

However, there would have been no blow, France Bleu specifies. But only after the arrival of the gendarmes were the three firefighters able to leave the scene.

Following these incidents, the SDIS 30 decided to file a complaint against the alleged attackers by initiating the OMV (Outrages-Threats-Violences) procedure, which includes special support and follow-up to the officers involved.

The President and Director of SDIS said they support firefighters who are victims of attacks and strongly condemn these unacceptable acts.

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