Fuels: Prices at the pump are approaching 2 euros

Fuels: Prices at the pump are approaching 2 euros

As of January 1st, the government has ended its financial support for motorists by abolishing their 10 cent rebate. As a result, prices at the pump have skyrocketed. At some gas stations, the diesel flirts with 2 euros.

The end of discounts at the pump since the beginning of the year. As a result, the price of a liter of unleaded 95 in France now averages 1.91 euros, while that of unleaded 98, gas oil and diesel flirts with 2 euros.

State aid now abolished

“I don’t understand, I think we’re paying for Covid-19. We have no choice. You have to put the fuel in it, ”explains this motorist in front of the gas pump.

“We have to deal with the current situation, hoping that one day we’ll come back with reasonable prices,” testifies this other motorist, ready to demonstrate his purchasing power.

To help them, the state is offering a €100 fuel check reserved for low-income households and on condition that they are among the nearly 10 million French people who are eligible.

“Unfortunately, I’m not entitled to it because I’m still living off my parents’ tax income,” the young man regrets. For that other, older, “this check business doesn’t hold any water.” And to start with: “It would be better to lower all prices, and not just those of petrol”.

Motorists who are entitled to the fuel check can apply for compensation since January 16 and have until February 28 to submit their file to the administration.

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