From “little TVXQ Yunho” to beloved ASTRO member Kpop News

From “little TVXQ Yunho” to beloved ASTRO member Kpop News

On April 19, ASTRO Moonbin became a star above. He is no longer in the same room as us, but his efforts, perseverance and hard work will always live on in everyone’s hearts.

(Photo: Moonbin en tant que petit TVXQ Yunho (Sport Chosun))

No and 1998, moonbinA precious son of Cheongju was only six years old when he entered the fashion world as a child model in 2004.

In 2006, the young star challenged the music scene when he appeared as “Little U-Know Yunho” in “Balloon” MV. Among the cute boys in animal costumes, Moonbin has become known for his cat face and infectious smile.

His name was further engraved on the music scene when he appeared with Yunho on SBS’s Star King, continuing their relationship.

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He has since been a lover of Cassiopeia, the TVXQ fandom, which is the first fandom in the industry to have taken care of him as a nephew.

On the other hand, Moon Bin also made his debut as a child actor in 2009 and immediately won hearts as So Yi Jung, the young version of Kim Bum’s role in the hit KBS drama Boys Over Flowers. During his cameo appearance, he was loved for his big eyes and cute, fair-skinned looks.

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ASTRO Moonbin is growing as a versatile artist and beloved AROHA member Soompi

An overview of Moonbin's career: from

(Photo: Moonbin (Kpop Wiki))

With TVXQ as a role model as a singer, Moonbin finally formed his own fandom as a member of ASTRO in 2016, a decade later.

He became the lead dancer and the center of the group, praised for his impressive skills and charm. He also made a name for himself as one of the physique idols, even winning relationship gold medals at ISAC and becoming a cover model for a men’s magazine.

An overview of Moonbin's career: from

(Photo: Moonbin (Sport Chosun))

Aside from being a singer, Moonbin has also pursued his acting career and has appeared in some dramas such as To Be Continued, At Eighteen and The Mermaid Prince.

Due to her limitless potential, Moonbin debuted again in 2020 with Sanha as a sub-unit and continued her name by holding concerts and tours around the world.

With all his achievements, the late idol is no longer the kid who only looked up to Yunho, but Moonbin has also become the idol that beginners look up to as well. In fact, her younger sister, Billlie Moon Sua, confessed that her older brother is her role model.

After being mentored by Cassiopeia, Moonbin has also created a fandom that will take care of his sister and other beloved juniors, the AROHAs.

ASTRO Moonbins time, alas, stopped at 25but his life and legacy will continue to shine like the brightest star in the sky.

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