from lawsuits to malicious comments and declining program ratings – Kpopnews

from lawsuits to malicious comments and declining program ratings – Kpopnews

Actor Lee Seung Gi is suffering from a number of unfortunate problems these days.

While the dispute between Lee Seung Gi and his former agency Hook Entertainment, where he has worked for 18 years since his debut, is still ongoing, the actor continues to face snide comments over his wedding announcement. Now even his current program’s ratings aren’t doing well.

JTBC “Rush Hour” hosted by MC Lee Seung Gi couldn’t get out of the 0% rating zone. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 5 of “Peak Time” had a rating of 0.751%. The first episode, which aired on the 15th of last month, had a peak viewership of 1.298%, but it continues to fall with each episode.

Peak Time is a global idol tag team competition program backed by world-class production teams comprised of people experienced in survival shows, performing and directing. Although Lee Seung Gi has received a lot of support since this is his first show since the conflict with Hook erupted, the result is not so good.

In fact, it seems like Lee Seung Gi’s struggles have already begun when he signed with Hook Entertainment. After 18 years of hardship, he even had to engage in a mud fight. The actor announced that he will donate all 5 billion won he received from Hook Entertainment and has donated over 2.85 billion won to date.

Lee Seung Gi

News of Lee Seung Gi’s gift impressed the audience, but that impression didn’t last long. When the actor announced his marriage to actress Lee Da In, netizens began throwing snide comments. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In began dating publicly in May 2021.

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All of the couple’s wedding-related content has been inundated with malicious comments, such as: “Lee Seung Gi is going through a difficult time and therefore he could not make a rational judgement”, “Please think back to your marriage”, “Lee Seung Gi, wake up!”, “Lee Seung Gi, please rise up yours standards for women”, etc.

lee yoo bi kyu mi ri lee from dans la vignette

Lee Da In’s older sister, Lee Yoo Bi, posted a message congratulating her sister’s wedding on SNS, but was startled by malicious comments. In response to the unsavory situation, Lee Da In and Lee Yoo Bis’ mother, actress Kyeon Mi Ri, announced that she would be taking legal action, saying: “I will no longer tolerate malicious comments in the interests of Lee Seung Gi.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In will get married at their wedding on April 9th.

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