Friends of the 98 series pay tribute to Astro’s Moonbin

Friends of the 98 series pay tribute to Astro’s Moonbin

Friends group “98-line” (born 1998), consisting of Moonbin, Seungkwan, SinB and Umji, pays tribute by showing their strong friendship.

In 1998, after Moonbin became a star in the sky, idols and celebrities paid tribute to him.

Lee Suji

On April 24, Lee Suji posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote a long message to Moonbin. The actress explained that she wanted to say many things to him but wasn’t brave enough.

Lee Suji said: “I have so much to say. I always wanted to say more, but I wish I had been braver. Thank you for being with us through the best years of your life. »

She added: “Like you said, you really were the coolest person in the world. This is true. It was an honor to meet someone like you. »

98-line friends pay tribute to ASTRO's Moonbin

Lee Suji continued: “If our songs, which you liked even a little bit, can comfort you, that’s really a good thing. You have become a light for me and for many people who love you. THANKS. »

Finally she promised: “We will be family to your family who love you so much. Bin-ah, I love you so much. thank you and i miss you Let’s meet again. Thank you for being our friend. »

98-line friends pay tribute to ASTRO's Moonbin

The photo shows Lee Suji and Moonbin, as well as former IMPACT member Ung Jae, Boo Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN, Umji from VIVIZ and SinB smiling loudly. Moonbin’s beaming smile is particularly striking.

The group of friends in the photo consists of six idols born in 1998 who are known for their close friendship and even appeared together in Naver Now’s AvenGirls.

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Seungkwan and Moonbin became best friends after their debut and are famous for their special relationship, traveling together and mentioning each other in various TV shows.

Seungkwan Moonbin

They also showed their friendship in front of fans by frequently speaking to each other’s fans on the phone during live broadcasts.

Moonbin also mentioned that he often travels with Seungkwan and showed his affection, to the point of joking, by saying: “I miss Seungkwan and I miss him when it rains. »

98 line friends pay tribute to ASTRO K-Select's Moonbin

Meanwhile, SinB also showed his sadness by following his friend’s Instagram account. Previously, she only followed members of her former group GFRIEND.

Seungkwan Moonbin

SinB is famously a town friend who grew up with Moonbin, and the pair’s past photos together from childhood have become a hot topic. When they arrived in Seoul, they learned to dance together and their friendship was already famous among fandoms.

98 line friends pay tribute to ASTRO K-Select's Moonbin

In early February, Moonbin mentioned his special friendship with SinB in an interview with GQ Korea. He then said: “I’ve known SinB since I was 8 years old and when she debuted as a member of GFRIEND I thought it was great. »

98 line friends pay tribute to ASTRO K-Select's Moonbin

When asked when she misses her friends the most, Moonbin replied “Sometimes I miss EunBi (SinB’s real name). I don’t really want to see her, but…” Upon hearing this, member Sanha commented: “They’re real ‘best friends’.”

After news of Moonbin’s death broke, netizens raised concerns about SinB.

Fans also raised concerns in the comments on their posts. As a result, SinB temporarily disabled commenting on his account on the 20th.

In addition to the series 98 of friends, other idols and actors left a message for Moonbin.

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Moon Ga Young Moonbin

True Beauty star Moon Ga Young shared two photos and wrote: “I remember when we started and I remember suddenly looking up to you because you had grown so much taller than me. »

Actress Han Sung Min also posted a group photo taken during the filming of Moments of Eighteen, which appears to be paying tribute to Moonbin.

She wrote : ,“I hope that every moment will be a happy moment for you as you leave all burdens behind
[derrières]. »

Han Sungmin Moonbin 2

Jooheon (aka Joohoney) from MONSTA X, shared, “Today is one of those days when the morning spring rain is not pleasant. We learned that a colleague who had been crying and laughing together on stage for a long time suddenly left us and became a star in the sky. »

Jooheon Moonbin

“Moonbin will always be remembered for giving us wonderful scenes. I will pray for you to find peace again.”

IVE, who took first place on the same day, also left a short message: ” We want to say thank you to the fans.”

Miyeon Moonbin

During the broadcast, Miyeon (G)I-DLE said: “I think a lot of people today have to deal with sadness. It was also a very heartbreaking moment for us to hear this sudden news.”