France-Morocco: seven members of the far right in court

France-Morocco: seven members of the far right in court

Seven young ultra-right activists are on trial this Friday, January 13, accused of meeting to commit violence on the night of the France-Morocco World Cup match.

Justice accuses them of meeting to prepare for violence. Seven defendants, described as members of the far-right movement, are due to stand trial in the Paris courts this Friday after being arrested on Saturday, January 17, on the sidelines of the soccer World Cup semi-final match between France and Morocco. The young men are said to have joined a bar in the capital to prepare before taking to the Champs-Elysées and attacking Moroccan supporters.

After 48 hours in police custody, they were reported for grouping to commit violence. Some of them are also being prosecuted for carrying prohibited weapons and refusing to provide their cell phone code.

A “baroque and shaky” file

By the evening of the events, the seven people, including Marc de Caqueray-Valmenier, who were being introduced as a possible former leader of the Zouaves of Paris, a disintegrated small group, had found other comrades in the 17th arrondissement. The prosecutor believes that they came together on the initiative of the 24-year-old young man who “sent a message to a very large number of people inviting them to defend the flag against the Moroccans”.

The police would have arrested him with a bag full of guns (they were brass knuckles and adjustable wrenches). A point his lawyer invokes to refer to a “baroque and shaky” file. “Where is the report (report, editor’s note) on the bag that would contain the weapons? Where’s the khaki bag? We don’t know if there was one,” he said, immediately appearing surprised at a first hearing before the case was adjourned to this Friday. “We don’t even have the famous message” that describes his client as the instigator of the rally, he emphasized.

After France’s victory over Morocco, there had been many defections all over France. A total of 145 people were arrested in Paris (including 40 from the far right) and 95 in the rest of the country.

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