Four minors were brought before a judge on Wednesday

Four minors were brought before a judge on Wednesday

On the morning of this Monday, January 16, not far from the Guillaume-Apollinaire high school in Thiais (Val-de-Marne), a teenager attacked two other minors with a knife. One of the two victims died instantly after being wounded in the chest. Four minors are currently in police custody and are due to appear before a judge on Wednesday.

The trace of a reckoning between privileged young people. The facts happened just after 8 a.m. this Monday morning, when a minor – part of a group of ten people – is said to have attacked two other youths with a knife in Thiais in Val-de-Marne (94), not far from the Guillaume – Apollinaire High School, we learned from a police source.

Struck in the chest in this attack, one of the two victims died from his injuries. The autopsy, performed this Tuesday morning at the Paris Forensic Institute, concluded the death was “the result of cardiovascular failure from left cervical-thoracic trauma from stab wounds.”

The other victim, also a minor, was injured in the thigh and transported to the Henri-Mondor Hospital in Créteil. His vital prognosis is unsupported, according to prosecutors, who say these two individuals were unknown to police.

The suspect taken into custody

According to witnesses, there were about ten attackers, most of them with their faces covered, four of them carried weapons (knives, gold bats and baseball bats).

The 16-year-old suspect was recognized by one of the victims. He was then arrested by the police near the Léon-Blum high school in Créteil, where he is studying, and then taken into police custody.

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The suspect was already known to the police for “serious acts of violence” and “participation in an armed crowd” committed in May 2021 “when he was 15 years old,” specifies the Paris prosecutor, who in addition to stabbings also invokes humiliation public property.

Already arrested for these facts, he was until now under judicial supervision with a ban on going to Orly (94) on the one hand and Thiais (94) on the other “except for the needs of his schooling”.

Three other minors, aged between 15 and 16, all from Choisy-le-Roi, were also arrested and taken into police custody. One is unknown to police, and a second was the subject of a legal warning last November for illegal narcotics use, a court source told CNEWS.

A total of four youths were taken into custody. Three of them admitted their presence at the scene of the attack, confirmed by the geolocation of their phones, but denied hitting the two victims. The fourth questions his participation in the facts and his presence at the crime scene.

These four minors will be brought before an investigating judge on Wednesday morning as part of the opening of a court investigation into the premeditated killing in an organized gang.

A rivalry between neighborhoods

At this stage of the investigation, the hypothesis of a reckoning in retaliation after an initial brawl committed a few days earlier is preferred. The suspect, who is from Choisy-le-Roi, mentioned a rivalry between the districts of Thiais and Choisy-le-Roi, two neighboring towns.

According to a police source at AFP, the rivalries between Choisy and Thiais are “historic and current”. There would have been a “meeting” between groups from the two cities on December 20, then more recently on Friday night.

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15 people, but not the suspect in Monday’s attack, were actually arrested over the weekend by the Val-de-Marne Territorial Security, including 11 minors, at the Thiais Village shopping center. These young people were arrested during an armed crowd that caused no injuries.

“The investigation continues to identify and arrest the other defendants and determine the reasons and the exact circumstances of this criminal attack,” said the prosecutor.

Many “weapons-capable” objects were discovered on the spot, the public prosecutor finally specified and left no doubt about the intentions of the protagonists. Including two soft drinks, a broken golf club, a piece of wood, but also a knife, “without it being certain at the moment” that it was actually the murder weapon”.