Four members leave IST Entertainment; Jung Eunji extends his Soompi contract

Four members leave IST Entertainment; Jung Eunji extends his Soompi contract

Apink membership contracts are expiring.

On April 28, IST Entertainment announced that Jung Eunji was renewing his contract, but the other group members were leaving the agency.

In a statement, IST Entertainment said:

” Good morning. It’s IST Entertainment.

We sincerely thank all the fans who love and support Apink.

We are making an official announcement regarding Apink’s future activities.

Before the end of Apink’s exclusive contracts with our agency, we and the members considered together and carefully discussed the matter. Finally, it was decided that in the interests of each and every member’s continued growth, Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung will complete their amazing 12-year journey with us, which began with their debut at the end of April.

We recently renewed our contract with Jung Eunji and will continue our relationship. Besides her work as a singer, Jung Eunji also plans to welcome her with a new acting project soon and we plan to consistently support her so that she can shine in different areas.

Regardless of their contracts, all Apink members are firm in their love for the group and their determination to continue their group activities, so they have pledged to continue their group activities without disbanding the group. Our agency will work with Apink after discussions about their future activities and we plan to work with them so that they can stay together as a group.

We sincerely thank all the members of Apink who have spent 12 long years walking with us and making their mark as one of K-POP’s representative girl groups. We ask that fans continue to extend their undying love and heartfelt support to Apink as they prepare for a new journey.

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Source: Heraldpop