Forum for pregnant women on social media, how is it?

Forum for pregnant women on social media, how is it?

Social media has shocked netizens pregnant mother Psychologists say that pregnancy is actually a normal thing. But the fetus can also cause mental health problems.

After the Gilang case was closed, this time there are pregnant women. A Twitter user shared a photo of netizens who woke up after seeing and holding the belly of a pregnant woman. This immediately raised the concerns of netizens, especially pregnant women.

According to psychologist Marissa Meditania, pregnancy is actually a habit. Arousal means there is a feeling of tension when looking at something that is not sexual.

“Mostly seeing parts of the partner’s body, for example the neck, arms, legs, back and other things outside the body such as socks, shoes, etc., this is often unhealthy, so it becomes a problem, if you are corrected. on a regular basis,” Marissa said when contacted by a short message, some time ago.

A fetish that involves psychological problems when a person looks at something that is not sexual to feel arousal. In the case of a pregnant woman, it means that this person must see or touch the pregnant woman’s belly before feeling the movement.

Marissa says that this is clearly different from the fetus in the natural world. He gave the example of someone who woke up when he saw that his wife was pregnant. But even if the woman gives birth, this man is still awake and can have sex with him.

“In this case, he claims that every time a pregnant woman is, yes, here she is stuck, repeatedly, he starts to interfere and refers to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), our diagnostic manual , it. it happens at least for six months,” he explained.

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Why might someone have an allergic reaction to the fetus?

Until now, says Marissa, the exact cause of fetal distress is not known. However, there are many opportunities or factors that include genetics and habits.

He added, “He was raised to see pregnant women, eventually he became interested and he always saw pregnant women, so it bothered him to fix it, there is a need to start seeing pregnant women before they get up.” He added that.


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