Former idol Choi Jung Won, who is accused of being intimate with a married woman, denies cheating

Former idol Choi Jung Won, who is accused of being intimate with a married woman, denies cheating

ancien The United Nations First generation member and idol play Jungwon He is accused of being a home robber.

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Previously, Lee Jin Ho had a man on his YouTube channel who claimed that a former first-generation idol was secretly dating his wife. Sharing alleged messages sent between his wife and the idol, the man revealed that his wife later confessed that she and the idol had previously dated.

On January 9, YouTuber and journalist Lee Jin Ho claimed that the burglar was former UN member and current actor Choi Jung Won and that he was familiar with a man’s wife when he knew she was married.

I have decided to disclose the results of my investigation. The subject of this incident is Choi Jung Won of the UN. Choi Jung Won reached out to married “C” last May. At the time, ‘C’s profile picture was of her husband and son. Therefore he must have known that she was married. Finally, on May 27, the two were meeting near the Han River and drinking when the incident occurred.

– Lee Jin-ho

Lee Jin Ho then revealed that ‘C’s’ husband ‘B’ said that when his wife ‘C’ needed to go to the bathroom, Choi Jung Won offered to take ‘C’ home because we could see them coming and going. from the bathroom. toilet corner. Lee Jin Ho then claims that they both went to Choi Jung Won’s house, but said that “C” and Choi Jung Won have different stories about what happened in the house.

The two then went to (Choi Jung Won). Choi Jung Won also admits that it happened, but (Choi Jung Won and her husband “B”) have differing accounts of what happened in the house. Choi Jung Won denies anything happened but ‘B’ claims his wife ‘C’ He’s been in the house for more than 30 minutes and has a suspicion.

– Lee Jin-ho

Lee Jin Ho then shared a text that Choi Jung Won sent to her husband “B” in which she denied cheating. Lee Jin Ho also shared that “C” also denied cheating but confessed to holding Choi Jung Won’s arms while walking.

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I think you’re assuming that we went to my house to “be intimate,” but that’s not true. That’s why I have nothing to say to you, no matter what you ask me. His wife had to use the bathroom while drinking from the Han River…

– Excerpt from Choi Jung Won’s text message to “B”

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