Food: what do you call a “calorie bomb”?

Food: what do you call a “calorie bomb”?

French tacos, the new dish that’s trending among youngsters, have three times more calories than a burger

Raid French Tacos

According to a study by the national consumer protection association CLCV, this sandwich has three times more calories than a burger. It delivers more than the daily stats a teenager needs. The CLCV now requires that nutritional information be displayed on these sandwiches. Some of the best known include O’Tacos, Chamas Tacos, Tacos Avenue, Le Tacos de Lyon and Nawab Kebab. Young people find comfort there, a dish quite addictive and not too expensive, around 1600 calories.

An insane calorie intake

“The tacos studied provided an average of 1,600 calories, or 60% of the daily recommended energy intake for a 14-year-old teenager. For a size XL, that’s an average of 2300 calories, or 90% of the recommended daily allowance.”The CLCV is alerted. And that’s not to mention the extra toppings, as well as sodas or other sugary drinks.

“When we see that some brands are offering sandwiches weighing almost a kilo and providing 2,500 calories, which is the energy needs of a teenager for a whole day, we feel it is necessary and essential to inform consumers of the calorie count,” Lisa Faulet, Food Mission Manager at CLCV, rightly reported on LCI. For example, do not forget that an XL French taco weighs almost 1 kg and costs around 10 euros.

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