Follow-up: Will season 4 be the last?

Follow-up: Will season 4 be the last?

While Succession is set to return for a fourth season soon, its creator Jesse Armstrong has revealed the future of the series and it won’t please fans.

While Brian Cox, the patriarch of successor Expected in Lille for Series Mania on March 11, Jesse Armstrong, the series’ creator, announced to everyone’s surprise that the upcoming season would be its last. He said it in an interview with The New Yorker:

« You know, there’s a promise in the title of succession. I never thought it could last forever. The ending was always somehow present in my head. Ever since season 2 I’ve been trying to think: is this the next one or the one after or is this the one after? And that will be Season 4, which begins March 26 on HBO.

What is Succession? Press tycoon Logan Roy (Brian Cox) rules his media empire and wields iron authority over his four children. However, at 80 he is preparing to retire and his son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is preparing to take over. But Logan doesn’t trust him. On the evening of his birthday, the patriarch reunites his family and, to everyone’s surprise, announces that he has decided to remain at the helm of the company. This decision angers his children and especially Kendall, who will not accept firing and intends to take control of the conglomerate.

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