FNC speaks out against bad behavior from “BOYS PLANET” Na Kamden’s father Soompi

FNC speaks out against bad behavior from “BOYS PLANET” Na Kamden’s father Soompi

FNC Entertainment has commented on a growing case.

Na Kamden is an agency intern who worked on BOYS PLANET. However, he lost finalist in the last episode and finished in 17th place.

Lately his father has been making a lot of noise on the internet and saying many things about him to harm his son, stories that are hard to believe when you know that the parents have been divorced since Na Kamden was little and that it his mother was on guard.

Then, on April 25, FNC Entertainment officially stated:

“Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

This is a statement about intern Na Kamden who participated in BOYS PLANET.

We have confirmed that intern Na Kamden’s father has mentioned unnecessary and inappropriate words about Na Kamden and our agency on his personal social media.

Trainee Na Kamden has been separated from his father for a long time as his parents are divorced and his mother has parental rights. From February until now, after the conclusion of BOYS PLANET, we have continuously monitored the situation and sincerely asked through his family that Na Kamden’s father refrain from such actions.

Although trainee Na Kamden’s father knew of our request to refrain from such actions, he repeated them over and over for several months.

Because of this, Na Kamden himself and his family have had to endure great suffering in silence, and it has reached a point where we can no longer ignore it.

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We expressly point out that everything that the father of trainee Na Kamden has mentioned on his personal social media has nothing to do with Na Kamden and our agency and we will take firm action against any resulting problems.

We apologize for worrying fans who love intern Na Kamden. »

Source: fncent