Five kpop groups that didn’t win ‘MAMAs’ Best New Artist award, surprising netizens

Five kpop groups that didn’t win ‘MAMAs’ Best New Artist award, surprising netizens

Various awards ceremonies are held at the end of each year to reward kpop artists who have made a mark over the past year.

One of these ceremonies is that of the MAMAs, which is undoubtedly also one of the most important and prestigious.

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On a popular online community, netizens returned to the Best New Artist award, which goes to artists who made particularly notable debuts that year.

Participation in “MAMAs” and the Best New Artist award are considered a prestigious opportunity in Korean music and are titles coveted by many rookie groups.

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Only netizens have pointed out that there are five exceptional groups that didn’t win this prize at the Mamas. It is :

  • Generation of girls in 2007
  • EXO in 2012
  • BTS and 2013
  • BLACKPINK and 2016
  • New jeans in 2022

Five kpop groups who didn't win Best New Artist at MAMAs have surprised netizens

Netizens shared that there are several reasons why these groups could not receive the award. Reactions include:

  • “Well, in 2007, the Wonder Girls literally stole the stage with ‘Tell Me.'”
  • “But you have to understand that the people who won those years are: Wonder Girls, Busker Busker, Roy Kim, IOI and IVE… so honestly it’s not that surprising.”
  • “I still wonder about this group composition”
  • “I can’t believe these bands didn’t win this title at MAMAs”
  • “If I look at the groups that have won it in those years, I understand it now”
  • “OMG LOL”
  • “But BTS has won every other rookie award this year. Everyone except MAMA”
  • “BTS wasn’t a phenomenon when they started”
  • “Busker Busker’s debut album was huge……. »
  • “I was surprised to see BLACKPINK on this list, but I understand thanks to IOI.”
  • “Another common denominator is that they all did really well without that award lol”
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