Five films to watch on Canal+

Five films to watch on Canal+

With the recent launch of the Paramount+ and Apple TV library, following a new agreement that only Canal+ seems to keep secret, the list of films available on the famous encrypted channel is available is even bigger now. Also in 2023, Canal+ continues to benefit from major broadcasting deals and, of course, subscribers can enjoy access to real references of the Seventh Art or even creations worth discovering.

Which five films on this topic can be seen on Canal+ in 2023? Released a few months ago or absolute classics that are several years old: There is something for every taste and especially all eras.

The choice is huge

poker face

A film starring Russell Crowe is always worth seeing and while some reviews of this 2022 film may have been harsh, You can’t blame him for lacking action scenes. So, fans of the genre will have enough to settle for a creation on a nearly closed stage. What I also have to say is that this discipline marks the core of the scenario for regular players at the poker tables.

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Logically, this long part is reminiscent of several classic game rounds at a gaming table, without the latter having the Hollywood aspect! In fact, this thriller is typical of the world of cinema, with actors who have been known for several decades, but above all it has made it possible to highlight a discipline that has been growing in recent times, both on the big screen and in the habits of the players changed to perfection. The fashionable effect of poker on television or in the cinema can be explained by the fantastic increase in power of this discipline over the past few years. The online poker revolution has indeed taken place, offering several platforms the pleasure of bringing this historic discipline up to date, offering it to players from all over the world, including beginners and experts, according to different criteria and thanks to numerous functionalities. As I’m sure you understood, poker is enjoying a new golden age of entertainment, perfectly establishing itself in several categories, including cinema.

The team member

It’s a dark part of professional cycling that resurfaces, but with no discernible connection to a true story, despite the fact that the 1998 Tour de France, which served as the basis for this creation, was also revived by the famous and sad Festina affair.

The team member or The racer in the original language as it is Irish production and therefore evokes the dark hours of doping in the pro peloton. This aspect was often emphasized in the seventh picture, but probably seldom in this way. undoubtedly, it offers an attractive and innovative side about this creation from the year 2020.

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USS Greyhound – The Battle of the Atlantic

Tom Hanks often had the gift of taking dark scenarios and rather complex stories and transferring them to the screen. In this 2020 war movie straight from Apple TV, there’s no doubt the American actor can deliver a gripping moment for fans of the genre.

The Apple TV catalog is now available on Canal+


Biographies are not always a sign of great cinematic success, but recently certain interpretations, such as that of Rami Malek in the costume of Freddie Mercury, have re-established the image of a sometimes excessive cinematic category.

For almost 2 hours and 40 minutes, Austin Butler can boast of receiving the same praise as the actor just mentioned. His rendition of The King is so extraordinary that it earned him Best Actor awards at both BAFA and the 2023 Golden Globes.


The observation is probably the same here and here, even more so when trying to highlight a woman who changed the course of history. Elsa Zylberstein takes on the very difficult task of portraying the mighty Simone Veil, and the result is consistently positive on screen. Released a few months ago, the film is already available on Canal+ and logically carries a humanistic message that must be seen.