First major single for @onefive – Stylediacreativo

First major single for @onefive – Stylediacreativo

The Japanese group @one five will offer his new single on May 24”Opportunity×Change” in physical format in two versions: CD+Bluray and regular CD. This work will be her first major single. The title “chance“Serves as a theme for the film”Oshi ga Budōkan Ittekuretara Shinu“, which will be released in Japan on May 12, 2023 and will be available for download on April 1, 2023.”miraizu“served as the subject for the drama of the same name, which continued to air ABC (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) as of October 2022 and available for download as of November 2022. All four members star in the drama and the film.

The group was founded in 2019 and consists of four members: TEN, CANO, MOMO etc SOY. When the members joined the group, they were 15 years old, hence the name @one five. After various releases, including two singles, her first album “1518“was released in February 2022 and a download track”miraizuwas proposed in November 2022.

CD content:
1. Coincidence
2. Ring Donuts
3. Last Blue
4. Future Map
5. Coincidence – Instrumental –
6. Ring Donuts – Instrumental –
7. Last Blue – Instrumental –
8. Miraizu – Instrumental –

Blu-ray content:
1st Chance (music video)
2. Future Map (music video)
3. “@onefive LIVE 2022 -SPOTLIGHT-” @ 2022.11.13 Ebisu The Garden Hall

Here are the clips for “chance” etc miraizu“:

Source: official website

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