First Aid for Vertigo, Not Just Medication

First Aid for Vertigo, Not Just Medication

Vertigo it will make one feel very uncomfortable. Here are the first aid products for vertigo that you need to know.

Vertigo can affect anyone. You need to understand how to treat vertigo at home without the need for any medicine or potions.

Vertigo is a feeling like the world is spinning and a headache that limits a person’s activities.

Quoted from Today’s Medical NewsVertigo is caused by certain medical conditions. However, in general, here the brain perceives that the body is not balanced even though it is not.

First Aid for Vertigo

Medicines can treat vertigo completely and quickly. However, vertigo does not always have to be treated with medication.

Speaking of pages National Health SecurityHere are the first aid kits for vertigo.

1. Sleep in a quiet, dark room to reduce the feeling of dizziness.

2. Move slowly and carefully.

3. Immediately sit down when you feel anxious.

4. If vertigo occurs at night and wakes you up, turn on the light.

5. Sleep with two or more pillows so that the head is slightly elevated.

6. Get up from the bed slowly and sit before you try to stand and walk.

7. Try to stay calm because anxiety will worsen vertigo.

How to Prevent Vertigo

An example of dizzinessExample. There are many ways to prevent vertigo that can be done. (iStock/Nicola Katie)

Vertigo interferes with daily activities. Twisting and turning can cause serious injury from impact or falling objects.

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As reported from Whole HealthThere are many habits that can help you avoid vertigo.

1. Take care of drinking water

Ensure daily water needs are met. Some cases of vertigo are associated with dehydration.

2. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can cause relapse. It should be used to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night. Then take time to sleep for 15-20 minutes.

3. Eat nutritious food

Not only to prevent vertigo, eating good nutrition will help protect you from other health problems.

4. Sports

Exercise will improve the body. Start with light exercise such as walking, running, or stretching in a chair during work breaks.


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