FIFTY FIFTY accused of plagiarism for ‘Cupid’, agency responds

FIFTY FIFTY accused of plagiarism for ‘Cupid’, agency responds

The K-pop group Fifty Fifty has been accused of plagiarism for their song Cupid. The allegations claim they plagiarized a Turkish singer named Evrencan Gündüz.

On Instagram, Turkish singer Evrencan Gündüz personally questioned the sonic similarity of FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” with his song “Sen Aşkımızdan”.

How and why FIFTY FIFTY is a wonder group of a small kpop agency

On April 26, the singer caught the attention of K-pop fans and netizens after writing:

“FIFTY FIFTY made a great song. Let’s listen together. However, she looks familiar to me. »

Immediately after the post, fans of FIFTY FIFTY defended the foursome, saying the resemblance was “too slight” and couldn’t be considered “plagiarism”. Fans also confirmed that only the intro was to blame.

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However, Evrencan Gündüz fans have said that without the language difference, they wouldn’t realize that they are actually two different songs. Fellow singer Duygu Soylu also agreed, saying:

“Even the tone is the same. »


A news outlet contacted a music professional to investigate whether the songs were plagiarized. According to the pro, although the parts presented are similar, it’s hard to tell FIFTY FIFTY plagiarized the song.

“If you break it down, it’s similar, but it’s hard to say it’s plagiarism with just that. »

How and why FIFTY FIFTY is a wonder kpop group

A media outlet contacted the band’s Attract agency for a response to the claims, but they were unable to provide a concrete answer, saying: “We are currently trying to confirm this with the producers of the song. »

Since the song’s producers are not based in Korea, the agency’s response will be delayed until they can communicate with them.

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