FFF: Report of sexist contempt, Le Graët is surprised by the “leaks”

FFF: Report of sexist contempt, Le Graët is surprised by the “leaks”

The inspectors in charge of an audit of the French Football Federation have submitted a report to the courts, Le Monde reports this Saturday, January 14, about a possible “sexist outrage” perpetrated by President Noël Le Graët, who spoke of the “leaks “ is surprised “ in this file.

New twist in the French Football Federation (FFF) file. The inspectors in charge of examining the association have submitted a report to the judiciary, which Le Monde revealed this Saturday, January 14, for a possible “sexist outrage” by President Noël Le Graët surprised by the “leaks” in This file.

The report was submitted to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office according to the testimony of Sonia Souid, agent of several French internationals, collected by the examiners of the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR), according to the daily.

“I was informed by the head of the IGESR that, based on the testimonies collected by the FFF mission, she was prompted to report facts that could have a criminal qualification in accordance with Section 40 of the StPO on the basis of a bundle of matching elements,” responded Amélie, Minister for Sport Oudéa-Castéra quoted by Le Monde.

At the request of AFP, the Ministry of Sport states that Amélie Oudéa-Castéra has been informed of the report in accordance with the procedure and does not intend to comment further on the matter.

“At this point I know neither the facts I am being accused of nor the people behind them”

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“I have just read with astonishment an article from Le Monde reporting on the preliminary report (the IGESR) that is being prepared by Leaks,” said Noël Le Graët in a statement sent to AFP.

“As of this writing, I don’t know the facts I’m being accused of, nor the people behind them,” he said. “In general, I am surprised that information can be disclosed even though the preliminary report has not yet been sent to me and that I have not been able to present my comments on it,” he says.

Sexual or sexist outrage refers to expressions or behavior with sexual or sexist connotations that undermine a person’s dignity or expose them to a distressing situation. The violation can be punished with a fine of up to 750 euros.

Noël Le Graët, under pressure for several days, was “removed” from the presidency of the federation by the Executive Committee, which met in an extraordinary session on Wednesday.