FFF: Noël Le Graët’s reaction to the opening of the investigation into moral and sexual harassment

FFF: Noël Le Graët’s reaction to the opening of the investigation into moral and sexual harassment

In a press release sent to AFP, Noël Le Graët, who has been retired from the post of President of the FFF, reacted this Tuesday, January 17, to the opening of an investigation against him for moral and sexual harassment.

He expressed his astonishment. Shortly after the announcement that the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office would open an investigation against him for moral and sexual harassment, Noël Le Graët responded by writing in a press release to AFP “all (the) allegations of moral or sexual harassment or any other offences”. The resigned president of the French Football Federation was also surprised to learn of the opening of this investigation “through the press” and deplored the “numerous interferences and political pressures” that he believes came from the Minister of Sport, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra as part of the examination commissioned by the ministry within the FFF.

“In this administrative inquiry, which is clearly onerous, Mr Le Graët has not had the opportunity to take cognizance of the elements concerning him, nor the opportunity to present his observations in defense, which seriously undermines the defense of essential rights and respect for fundamental rights the contradictory,” denounced the text sent by the lawyers from the 81-year-old head of state.

They also questioned the independence of the exam “in the face of numerous interferences and political pressures,” particularly from Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, as well as Plenipotentiary Minister for Equality between Women and Men Isabelle Lonvis-Rome, who considered Monday on the Public-Sénat channel that Noël Le Graët’s resignation was “an extremely positive signal to all victims”. “These interventions respect neither the fundamental principles of the separation of powers nor the presumption of innocence,” the lawyers insisted.

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Charged with sexist insults

The investigation was entrusted to the Brigade for the Suppression of Crime Against the Person (BRDP) and follows the report of “sexist outrage” directed against the boss of French football, according to the statement of agent Sonia Souid, carried out by the auditors of the General Inspectorate was collected for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) according to Le Monde.

In an interview with L’Equipe, the young woman, who in particular represents several French internationals, denounced Noël Le Graët’s sexist behavior towards her. “He told me very clearly face to face in his apartment that if I wanted him to help me I would have to go to the pan,” she said. “The only thing that interests him, and I apologize for speaking vulgarly, are my two breasts and my ass,” added Sonia Souid.