FFF: Jean-Michel Aulas declares Noël Le Graët offside

FFF: Jean-Michel Aulas declares Noël Le Graët offside

Jean-Michel Aulas, president of Olympique Lyonnais and a member of the French Football Federation’s executive committee, returned on Thursday to the sidelines of Noël Le Graët from the previous day.

This Thursday morning, the president of OL, which is part of the Comex of the FFF, declared Noël Le Graët’s sideline in the eye of the storm of recent days.

“The situation had become untenable for all of French football, for the members of the federation and for Noël Le Graët, an absolutely respectable man, until these scandals became known through public speeches,” the Rhone club boss explained to France Info. The status quo was no longer an option. The image of football, credibility at the level of the authorities. There was also a situation that we leaders could not endure. An administrative procedure has been opened by the Ministry, it was difficult to intervene more precisely before the publication of this report. We had to do something and take our responsibility. We did what allowed us to continue the inspectors’ procedure and express for ourselves a situation that we could not accept”.

As a reminder, Noël Le Graët, 81, whose contract ended in 2024, had verbally ratted on Zinédine Zidane and numerous cases follow (sexual harassment, statements made against the background of racism and homophobia) that have led elsewhere where the Ministry of Sport orders an examination around the FFF on.

It should be noted that Jean-Michel confided in Aulas that he had no interest in the position currently temporarily occupied by Philippe Diallo.

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“In all transition phases, we feel that there are candidates,” he said. I was challenged and replied that I was only interested in the position of President of the Women’s League. You have to know how to delegate and focus on priority issues and for me developing women’s football is one of my ambitions.