Fashion Trends, Jakarta Fashion Week 2023 Held at PIM

Fashion Trends, Jakarta Fashion Week 2023 Held at PIM

After two years Jakarta Fashion Week held online because of the disease covid19 disease, this year JFW 2023 will again be held live or offline.

One of the biggest fashion shows in Indonesia will be held from October 24 to October 30.

GCM Group President & JFW Women’s President Svida Alisjahbana said this year’s JFW has brought a new spirit. Even the location of this year’s JFW event is also new, namely at the main hall of Pondok Indah Mall.

“Two years ago we were only able to hold it in an offline format, now this year we can go online again. We will present it with a new format and of course we will bring the best designers in the country ,” said Svida in another company. press conference, Wednesday (7/9).

He also stated that the main theme that will be held at this year’s JFW is Fashion Design. It is the spirit that will be shown the future of fashion.

He said that this is related to the Covid-19 disease that has emerged. This trend of fashion means that JFW spans three distinct periods, namely pre-pandemic, post-pandemic and post-pandemic.

“However, our main theme is to redefine fashion and the spirit is the future of fashion,” he said.

Not only that, this year’s JFW is also a bit different. Because fashion designers not only watch the show but can shop directly at the merchants in the area where the fair is held.

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“So, at the fashion show, the works that appeared in the fashion show can be bought directly, from the two-story hall, you can buy directly,” he said.

About which designers will participate in the event, Svida does not want to give more information. What is certain, he said, will be that there will be interesting surprises that will be shown during the event.

“We will also show the products that we have selected from different parts of Indonesia. Later they will announce when the jewelry exhibition will be held,” he said.

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