fantagio sets up a new memorial for fans of Moonbin (ASTRO) to pay their respects – K-GEN

fantagio sets up a new memorial for fans of Moonbin (ASTRO) to pay their respects – K-GEN

A new room will be set up for fans to gather in.

Earlier this week, the agency announced that its memorial honoring Moonbin (ASTRO), who tragically passed away last week, will be open to visitors until April 30.

Finally, on April 28, the agency announced that it had decided to move the memorial and postponed its closure until June 6.

Fantagio said:

“After reviewing the opinions of the many AROHAs who have had difficulty getting to the memorial within the limited time frame, we have decided to extend the visit deadline to June 6, the 49th day since Moonbin’s death, for the memorial to be used can be a little longer.

In a place where people can fully concentrate on their grief, we want to build a new memorial. From April 28th, the commemorative areas that were located at the front door of the fantagio building, in the parking garage and behind the building will gradually be moved to the roof of the agency building. For this reason, the memorial we erected on one side of the parking lot can only be used until April 30, for which we ask for your understanding.

We plan to keep all valuable letters and gifts you left at all memorials and to keep them intact we plan to remove and keep them regularly while the memorial is open. Since there are many tenants in our building outside of our agency and it is a space that we all use together, we ask that you refrain from visiting other floors outside the memorial during this time. »

Source: star news

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