Fans upset over harassment since 2020, according to Kpop News

Fans upset over harassment since 2020, according to Kpop News

While the Lunar New Year weekend would have been the perfect time to channel good vibes for the start of 2023, a hater decided to ring the bell with some disturbing messages for the actress. Park So Dam.

Actress Park So Dam | @imsodamm/Instagram

In soulal (January 22), the youth record The leading lady shared a series of direct messages she received from an unknown hater Instagram.

Addressing the actress’ battle with thyroid cancer, which led to Park So Dam taking an extended break following surgery in December 2021, the hater made some blatant comments in the DM.

A Hateful DM Park Dam Got | @imsodamm/Instagram

Sunday, 10:48 p.m

I wish the cancer had spread. I should have died You are terrible and you don’t deserve to be an actress. dd… dd.

— haters

Even though the last message was sent soulalthe hater wasn’t new to the Park So Dam DMs. Her previous posts, from September 2020, also criticized the actress.

Park So Dam’s Past Hate received DMs | @imsodamm/Instagram


I am [blurred]He’s a fan, but I still haven’t seen the show because of you, you awful bitch. Ha ha. Your face really sucks. I can’t believe you’re the female lead with a face like that. Have some decency. LMAO. You’d rather face the hate, huh? because [blurred] is the male role, right? Have fun? HAHA. What a time to live.


You are too ugly to be a woman. lol But I understand having co-stars [blurred] It would have made me greedy too. Ha ha. you have to think parasite he cheated on you. But remember, the internet hates you. Come to your senses. The same thing [blurred]Fans canceled the series. Pfff.

— haters

And when Park So Dam messed up the details of the posts, fans realized what the hater was talking about. youth record and played along park bo and.

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Record of Youth aired in September 2020. | NTV

The actress responded politely, although she suggested saving the messages in case she took legal action.

Park So Dam Full Instagram Story | @imsodamm/Instagram

Hello, Thank you for personally visiting my Instagram account in the new year. I will continue to advertise more actively. I will save these messages though! Happy New Year! By the way, I want to live a long and healthy life. 🥰

— Parc So Dam

Following Park So Dam’s post, fans of the actress (as well as general K-Drama fans) expressed their horror and disgust at the enemy’s words. As a show of support, fans wish Park So Dam well and congratulations on her long-awaited return to the big screen with her latest K-Movie. Spirit.

| elqoo

  • “I wish he would ignore his direct messages and not read messages like this… I feel like celebrities shouldn’t have open messages in general. Stars act like everything is fine, but they hurt their feelings like that all the time.”
  • “It is evident that this person has gone insane and become too jealous for his own good. I hope you bring them to justice.”
  • “What’s the matter with the people? »
  • “But is she beautiful? He looks angelic like a newborn. Anyway, this shit pisses me off. I hope karma bites the haters hard in the ass!”
  • “It doesn’t have a lot to do with DM… But let me point out that Park So Dam has such a well-defined face. It looks like a magic fairy in real life. I saw her at an awards ceremony and she surprised me.
  • “But why… why do people talk that shit?”
  • “Just take her to court, So Dam.
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Learn more about the opening of Park So Dam about her battle with cancer.

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