Fans are divided over HYBE’s involvement with Kpop News

Fans are divided over HYBE’s involvement with Kpop News

Netizens have erupted in anger at recent headlines claiming this New jeans have “filled” the resulting gap bts.

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On January 26, an online post went viral. In the post, the author uploads several headlines from the last few weeks.

“(They) completely filled the void left by BTS”… HYBE’s stock price soared thanks to NewJeans

— Title of article by Hankook Kyungjae

BTS gap closed with NewJeans… “HYBE will continue to rise”

— Title of article by Hankook Kyungjae

All the headlines are about how NewJeans “replaced” the world’s biggest boy band, BTS.

NewJeans is the “NEXT BTS”, HYBE found the best answer

— 10 Asia article titles

NewJeans fills the void left by BTS… HYBE stock soars

— Title of the press article

One of the titles even asked if BTS left a gap.

“Did BTS leave a void?” … Will chart-topping NewJeans make it big?

—Maeil Kyungjae

NewJeans even surpasses BTS and BLACKPINK

— 10 Asia article titles

The post featured dozens of recent news articles, all of which seemed to mention BTS and NewJeans in the same article. Although the articles vary by topic (NewJeans Billboard chart to HYBE stock prices), they all mention BTS and NewJeans.

Articles Mentioning BTS and NewJeans | shehealth

Netizens have slammed news articles for claiming that NewJeans “replaced” BTS. Despite NewJeans achieving near-unprecedented success so soon after their debut, many fans took offense at any suggestion that the world’s greatest music group might be replaced. However, netizens were divided, with most saying HYBE was intentionally using the items to prop up the stock price, while some defended the label, saying it had nothing to do with the items.

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  • “Okay, now let BTS go and terminate their contracts, motherfuckers. You get into my nerv.
  • “If (the press) keeps mentioning BTS and NewJeans together, the public will end up thinking they’re on the same level. I guess that’s what (HYBE) wants LOL. But (NewJeans) has a long way to go and the (audience) will pick up the tactic and resent (HYBE).”
  • “Now NewJeans can be the bra for HYBE LOL. I think BTS can settle her heart and go (HYBE), LOL. There are so many fans who are mad at HYBE and waiting for the contract to end. I think now we can hope for that to happen.”
  • “That’s great. Now BTS can leave HYBE.”
  • “I seriously hate her LOL. CEO (Min Hee Jin) insists HYBE played no role in (NewJeans) success, but why are they using BTS in the media? lol Although they attempted to protect (HYBE)’s stock price, they still issued the press release.
  • “HYBE is really pathetic.”
  • “Anyone can see that the articles are business media about stock prices (from HYBE). Why do you blame HYBE? lol.”

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