Fandoms unite to play “Matchmaker” between EXO’s Kai and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang and experience real-time results

Fandoms unite to play “Matchmaker” between EXO’s Kai and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang and experience real-time results

EXO-Ls and Fantasys have recently been united under one goal, and both fandoms have hilariously watched it unfold in real-time.

SF9It is Yo Tae Yang has always proven that he is EXO wharfis the biggest fan. Aside from sharing his admiration for Kai, he was often the first idol to choreograph EXO and Kai’s songs.

For Kai’s latest solo release Rover, Yoo Taeyang was once again his biggest fan, releasing a lightning-fast dance cover that caught the attention of Kai himself.

EXO’s Kai Reposts Yoo Taeyang’s ‘Rover’ Dance Cover on Instagram | @zkdlin/Instagram

Kai commented on Yoo Taeyang’s dance cover and invited him to dance to “Rover” together, and then reposted Yoo Taeyang’s cover on his Instagram story.

Kai’s commentary on Yoo Taeyang’s dance cover.

let’s do it together hehe

— Kai

The dance cover and Instagram story launched a series of events where fandoms from both groups played matchmakers and were ultimately successful. Meanwhile, Yoo Taeyang and Kai have offered fans a front-row seat to the blossoming friendship.

EXO’s Kai (left) and SF9’s Yoo Taeyang (right) at their first official meeting in 2022 | @taeyang_0228/Instagram

After interacting with Yoo Taeyang’s post, Kai went to Bubble to consult fans about his interaction and initially panicked at the news.

  • “I found the courage.”
  • “Because I’m a Rover.”
  • “Or wasn’t that cool?” TT”
  • “Not really. That’s good. I’m a Rover so that’s fine.

While consulting with fans, Yoo Taeyang responded to Kai’s Instagram comment, accepting the invitation and fueling more “panic” in Kai.

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  • Kai: “Let’s do it together, hehe.”
  • Yo Taeyang: “Yes! Please contact me anytime 🙌”

Kai hilariously returned to EXO-L for advice on how to react, fearing he had messaged Yoo Taeyang first.

  • “TT”
  • “I can’t contact him first…”
  • “I don’t know what to say”
  • “What can I say?! He wants me to contact him!
  • « Aaaah! »

Kai plucked up the courage to like Yoo Taeyang’s comment, but revealed to fans that it would take him until the next day to think about an answer.

  • “I should at least ‘like’ his comment”
  • “See? I’m such a rover”
  • “I even liked his comment”
  • “I’ll think about the rest tomorrow”

Meanwhile, Yoo Taeyang also fanboyed Fantasys over Kai, interacted with his “Rover” dance cover, and excitedly asked fans if they saw the interaction.

  • “Did you see?!”
  • “When I thought about it, I told him he could contact me, but…”
  • “How should he reach me?”
  • “😭😂😭😂😭😂”

Yoo Taeyang noticed that Kai didn’t have his number, so he wondered what to do. The fantasies soon encouraged him to become DM Kai.

  • “Shall I send you a DM?”
  • “Everyone suggests I DM them 😅”
  • “But I’ve never DMed anyone… 😔”
  • “All right. I’ll be brave and try.🤗”

Taking the fans’ advice, Yoo Taeyang sent his idol Kai a DM, and Kai shared his reaction to the exciting update with the fans.

  • “I typed my answer a hundred times and deleted it”
  • “I’m working on the answer”
  • “I just realized I use a lot of exclamation marks and ‘LOL’.”

Fans then saw Kai become Yoo Taeyang’s biggest fan as he admired the SF9 member taking the first step to message him.

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  • “This buddy…”
  • “He’s not like me”
  • “He asked me for my number”
  • “He’s so cool…”

The wholesome and adorable exchange between the talented idols brought EXO-Ls and fantasy together to celebrate Yoo Taeyang becoming the ultimate hit fan and Kai who is a member of SF9 Fanboying.

Their iconic interaction is long overdue and will hopefully lead to more interactions between the two idols.

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