Fan claims DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mom forced her to attend JMS church in explosive interview on Kpop News

Fan claims DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mom forced her to attend JMS church in explosive interview on Kpop News

A fan said so dkzIt is Kyung YonHer mother had forced her to attend a church that has been linked to the controversy jms worship.

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March 16th SBS News posted an interview with a fan who claimed DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mother lured her to a JMS church. It was previously revealed that DKZ Kyoungyoon’s mother ran a cafe associated with the JMS sect. In addition, it became known that the aunt of the idol was a pastor in a church associated with sects.

DKZ Kyoungyoon’s family are still suspected of being JMS supporters due to his relationship with his “Pastor” aunt

In the interview, the fan revealed that he agreed to the interview with SBS News to point out the lies told in previous statements from the idol and a family member.

After reading the interview with Kyoungyoong and his mother, I contacted Kyoungyoong’s mother and her agency to ask why they lied, but never received a reply. Aside from the (betrayal) I felt as a singer fan, it was very difficult for me to find out that the person I trusted was a messenger from JMS and that the words she (Kyoungyouon’s mother) told me that from the teachings came . by JMS.

– fans

According to the fan, they were first shown at JMS Church on October 29. The fan revealed that they have been visiting the cafe alone since May last year. The fan said that they started to rely on Kyoungyoon’s mother to listen to them and whenever they felt down they went to the cafe.

After we became closer through many conversations, Kyoungyoon’s mother asked me if I belonged to a religion. When I said no, he encouraged me to find one. I told him I wanted to pray but since I was in an unfamiliar area I didn’t know where to go. Then he told me that Kyoungyoon’s family went to church. Then he encouraged me to go to his church the next day, which was a Sunday. I met Kyoungyoon’s mother and grandmother at the promised time and we entered the church together. Kyoungyoon’s mother was a deacon at the church, and as soon as the service started, she would come upstairs and talk and sing while the preacher, also known as Kyoungyoon’s aunt, preached. I remember the service was about love. Only ten people gathered for the service in a small space. I remember there was a staircase to the second floor.

– fans

The fan revealed that at first they didn’t realize the church was unlike any other church. In fact, the fan claimed that “I had a very good impression of the parishioners because they were warm and friendly to me. It got to the point where I realized I had many prejudices against Christians.

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The fan then said that after the service, Kyoungyoon’s mother started preaching to them the doctrine and beliefs of JMS.

He said we are God’s brides. She said that God loves us very much and that love is a thousand times greater than the love between a parent and a child. It wasn’t until I watched Netflix’s In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal that I realized these were the teachings of JMS.

– fans

According to the fan, because they lived far from the church, they never went to church again, and Kyoungyoon’s mother never asked them to come back. The fan said they were very lucky to have met someone as nice as Kyoungyoon’s mother, but they had a hard time learning that everything Kyoungyoon’s mother had told them was the teachings of JMS.

I had a hard time deciphering whether they had been preaching to me or actually comforting me.

– fans

The fan then shared that when they contacted Kyoungyoon’s mother and her agency to apologize, they never received a response.

When I first found out that the cafe was connected to JMS, I contacted Kyoungyoon’s mother because I wanted to tell her something, but her phone number had changed. I then emailed the label apologizing, but never got a reply. Today, despite fears for my safety, after watching the JMS documentary, I rise to ease my grief after reading the interviews with other JMS victims.

– fans

SBS News then contacted the agency, which after speaking to Kyoungyoon’s mother said the fan’s claims were false. According to a record company representative, the mother denied ever asking the fan to go to her church.

The fan in question used to frequent the cafe and became friends with (Kyoungyouon’s) mother. There were times when they stayed (in the area) for four nights and five days. Since the fan often spoke to Kyoungyoon’s mother about depression, she encouraged the fan to go to any church, not hers, but any church, be it the one that Kyoungyoon’s family attended, Kyoungyoon, or a church near the terminal or any church. . and that she hoped it would comfort the fan and help her get better. After that, on a Sunday, the fan showed up in the middle of the service at the church (of Kyoungyoon’s mother) and sat at the very back. After the service was over, the fan told him that they had regained their strength and were feeling better, to which Kyoungyoon’s mother was relieved and advised him to find another church. Kyoungyoon’s mother denies recommending the fan go to her church.

– Dongyo entertainment

The fan then dismissed Kyoungyoon’s mother’s statements and reiterated that they were encouraged to attend the idol mother’s church.

Kyoungyoon’s mother told me the day before to go to her family’s church. I got to the middle of the service just before the promised time and entered the church with Kyoungyoon’s mother and grandmother, who arrived in a white van.

– fans

Stay tuned for updates.

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