Famous Korean actor admits being part of JMS cult, netizens skeptical he’s really gone – Kpopnews

Famous Korean actor admits being part of JMS cult, netizens skeptical he’s really gone – Kpopnews

Actor kang ji sous has recently confessed to being part of the JMS sect. Through his now-deleted account, he admitted he thought it was a normal church and left before learning of his crimes.

Hello, I’m Kang Ji Sub. I’m posting this in the hope that no one else falls victim to it [JMS]. At one point while I was struggling, I went somewhere to pray and work on myself. I really thought it was like any other church. But I left after realizing that the teachings were far from what I aspire to spiritually. I left before I even found out about the disgusting things that had happened. After learning about his satanic behavior, I worried about the people I met there. Once again, I wish the best for those affected by the Church’s actions. I’m also a victim of a cult, so I identify deeply with the issue. I really don’t want anyone else to get hurt. And I will do my best to comfort other victims in any way, if possible. I get a lot of hateful and mean comments about my family for things I’ve said in previous interviews no matter how I really feel. And it breaks my heart Stop as this can re-traumatize the victims. And I sincerely promise to be brave in the future as an actor and member of society.

– Kang Ji Sub

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Despite his open confessions, many remain suspicious. Netizens have discovered his previous posts and interviews, which raise doubts that Kang Ji Sub doesn’t really know the background of the church. His agency responded to the allegations that they “They could not reach the actor. We knew he was a Christian, but we cannot confirm if he was a follower of JMS.‘ then added that ‘Kang Ji Sub left the JMS Church 4-5 years ago.

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Netizens believe that until recently he was still in the church. During a show that aired in December 2022, Kang Ji Sub shows viewers his dressing room. The cabinet is decorated with a portrait of Jesus. What is suspicious is that this variation of Jesus is unique to JMS. JMS cult members favor portraits that look unique, as if Jesus were clothed with a beauty filter.

In 2012, he also seemed to have known about Jung Myung Seok. He tweeted a congratulatory message on Jung Myung Seok’s birthday on March 16.

Today is the birthday of the mentor of my life, seonsaengim. Congratulations, seonsaengim.

– Kang Ji Sub

seonsaengim It is used to refer to someone you respect very much or who has great authority in their field. Kang Ji Sub’s use of the honorary title of cult leader shocked netizens.

Finally, as early as 2006, a post on the forum revealed the actor.

Forgiveness. This actor, Kang Ji Sub from Dear Heaven, is also part of JMS. He said he would come to Busan to hear the sermon. Damn, I almost let JMS fool me.

– Internet users

Internet users were surprised by the revelation.

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  • “Wow, the birthday thing…”
  • “Ugh…back off, dammit.”
  • “The fact that he became an actor to spread the word…”
  • “Oh my…”
  • “No, but why are they putting a beauty filter on Jesus? »

Kang Ji Sub has been performing regularly since 2005. He recently appeared in Revenge of the girlfriend.