Extrovert or Introvert, How to Judge a Person’s Personality by Favorite Color

Extrovert or Introvert, How to Judge a Person’s Personality by Favorite Color


Everyone generally has color their favorite things. One of them shows through the choice of clothing style.

In fact, color can reflect a person’s character and personality and enterprising and conservative people have their own color preferences.

There are two personality types that are not uncommon to hear today, namely introverts and extroverts. These two people have different ways of getting their energy. There are extroverts who get energized by socializing, and there are extroverts who prefer to be alone.

Color consultant Oya Miranti reveals the colors that suit all types of moods and moods in a group chat. Here is the review.

The Best Color for Extroverts

According to Oya, people with different types of personality are suited to bright colors such as neon colors that can give a “dangerous” impression.

“Because vigilantes are busy, they are easy to meet and get close to people, they are easy to adapt, they can develop these qualities with great colors,” said Oya some time ago.

pastel color shirt photoPhoto: istockphoto/IndigoLT
pastel color shirt photo

Best Color for Presentation

Presenters who are known to have a personality that does not stand out, Oya advises them to use beige, beige or gray or dark orange colors that can convey the message of “calmness”.

The love of people with the type of character that is used to being gentle to others, corresponds to the color of medium to dark.

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“Because they are more closed, they can be developed according to the character they want to build. Stand out is still stylish with a good color,” said Oya.


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