Expensive Eggs, Use These 4 Ingredient Substitutes To Make A Cake Without Losing It

Expensive Eggs, Use These 4 Ingredient Substitutes To Make A Cake Without Losing It


The price statistics poultry. In many traditional markets in Jakarta, the price can reach Rp. 33 thousand per kilogram.

In fact, eggs are one from the source food which is very important, especially to do piepancakes, to bread.

Baking a cake does not require eggs. But don’t worry, there are ways to replace eggs for baking that can be used. These materials are also easily available at affordable prices.

So, you don’t have to worry more when making a cake just because eggs are expensive. The reason is that it can still be cheated to make bread and other cheap food.

Egg Substitute for Cake

Here are some substitutes for egg to make cakes.

1. Silken tofu

Silken tofu is the type of tofu sold in Indonesia. You can find it in traditional markets or supermarkets.

This type of tofu has a balanced water content. The texture is also light and soft compared to other tofu.

Silken tofu has little flavor, but it can make baked goods too thick and heavy. Therefore, tofu silk can be a food source instead of eggs for making bread.

You can use silken tofu to make brownies and cookies.

Concentrate A healthy lineone egg can be replaced with 60 grams of silken tofu that has been ground to make bread.

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2. Banana leaves

banana pureeExample. Banana mashed, one of the ingredients used to replace eggs in making bread. (Istockphoto/Tycoon751)

Smashed bananas can be a substitute for eggs. For one egg, you need 65 grams of soft bananas.

There is only one disadvantage of using bananas, that is, the cake that is made actually smells like bananas.

3. Yogurt or milk

If you choose yogurt instead of eggs, choose plain. Unsalted yogurt will not change the taste of the cake being made.

To replace one egg, you need 60 grams of yogurt or butter.

4. Applesauce

Applesauce is a puree of cooked apples. Speaking KitchenApples are also believed to be healthier than eggs for baking.

You need at least 65 grams of applesauce to replace one egg when baking.

This is an egg substitute for the cake. These materials are generally easy to find.


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