EXO member in Hollywood? THIS idol hints at possible overseas work, according to Kpop News

EXO member in Hollywood? THIS idol hints at possible overseas work, according to Kpop News

THIS idol actor, who is a member of global group EXO, announces a possible job abroad! Is it for Hollywood? Here’s what we know.

On March 12th, EXO-L (EXO fandom) and Bunnyzens (Suho fans) were sent into a frenzy following Suho’s latest Instagram update!

(Photo: EXO Suho (Kpop Wiki))

In particular, a netizen (OP) posted a souvenir photo of the idol coming to BoA’s 20th anniversary concert, which took place on the same day (Day2).

Although the photo appears to be a photo taken with a fan, the OP shared in his IG caption that Suho had fulfilled his dream of coming to BoA’s concert after initially not booking a ticket. Luckily, the male idol asked her to accompany him as a birthday present.

This left fans confused about his close relationship with the idol, particularly how he knew Suho, leading them to find out more about OP. According to his profile, the so-called Samkobox is an English acting coach for Korean actors and actresses. He is also a life artist and translator of artistic texts.

Upon seeing this, fans with fond memories pointed out that Samkobox is the same guy who took a picture with the idol last week, hinting at a possible job, saying:

“We came together to create a better future.”

EXO-L tried to further connect the dots, pointing out that an idol actor like Suho meeting a Korean acting coach for English acting like Samkobox could be a hint for the idol’s move to the United States!

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EXO Suho in Hollywood? Here’s REASONS Idol’s US debut is possible

EXO Suho

(Photo: EXO Suho (News1))

With these rumors, fandom relayed their suspicions, and some even noted “evidence.”

Proof that Suho could make his acting debut in the United States is his trip to Los Angeles last week. Initially, fans thought he was just here for a vacation, but it seems the idol is up to something!

Fans kept claiming that Suho could make his Hollywood debut!

EXO Suho is the next SM director?  Here is 'Hint'

(Photo: EXO Suho (Instagram))

In March 2022, Suho told NME about his aspirations to make his acting debut in a Hollywood film. The hit series “Squid Game” in particular inspired him to follow in the footsteps of his Korean stars.

In April 2022, he again showed a desire to be a Hollywood actor, stating:

“Honestly, my dream as an actor is to work in a space like Hollywood. There are already some high-profile Korean actors in Hollywood. Instead of having an incredible role and an incredible project like my parents, I prefer to experiment with creating a project that follows the Hollywood system, together with global players.”

While this is just a guess, EXO-L are already excited and focused on what else Suho will show when he makes his US debut!

What kind of leader is Suho?  Idol shares his

(Photo: Suho (Instagram))

In South Korea, he was loved for mainly playing the roles of a handsome, wealthy man who wore a cold exterior but a warm and kind inside. His dramas include Prime Minister and I, EXO Next Door, Star of the Universe, Rich Man and How Are You Bread.

Fans were especially hopeful that he could expand his acting career by playing different roles once he finally achieved his dream of working in Hollywood.

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