Exercise is more fun and the body is healthy, Ion Water holds the 2022 IONATION Festival

Exercise is more fun and the body is healthy, Ion Water holds the 2022 IONATION Festival

For some people, a low-calorie lifestyle and exercise is a boring and boring task. However, with the existence of the IONATION 2022 policy, the humiliation of some of these people has disappeared. The idea presented by Ion Water at this time is extensive happiness for people who want to start exercising or who have already expert there.

“Combination work out with live music This is unique and there is no holiday idea yet work out do like this. In addition to healthy exercise, the concept of IONATION also allows us to happiness same to you happinessit,” said Andrea at the IONATION 2022 press conference.

“In my busy life, maintaining a low-calorie lifestyle is important. So regular exercise, and low-calorie foods and drinks to help me stay healthy,” he said.

According to Andrea Dian, Putri Marino also stated that the concept of IONATION 2022 is very friendly to people. all levelsboth from the beginning to the development front.

“As an actress, my body is my asset. To work in front of the camera, what you see is the body, work is not only from the eyes, but the whole body must move. I have to keep my body healthy, fit, and happiness time to film. And sports are the key,” he said.

“Don’t be afraid to start exercising. And for IONATION, hopefully in the future it will continue to exist, so that more people will participate and more ages, what makes the event cool,” said Putri Marino.

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Meanwhile, Jennifer Bachdim said that with IONATION she wants to invite more people to try and love regular exercise, especially for mothers out there.

thanks Ion water that continues to help me live low calorie,” he said.

The Road to IONATION series of activities was attended by 6,460 different participants hybrid and the following 3,000 live in Jakarta. This year, a variety of exciting activities to introduce sports work out present

“Additional development to work out not seen only in Jakarta, with activities work out Together, what we have done has also managed to attract thousands of participants in more than 70 cities throughout Indonesia,” said Wina.

“The activities that have been carried out since June are Ion Water’s efforts to inspire many people to be motivated to have a better life, with the introduction of IONATION,” he said.